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  1. well i would say you rock,but in this case maybe smooth jazz!
  2. i don't see any problem! find your niche and work it.
  3. do a search. it as been discussed on this forum for many years. it is not the government.
  4. i know it's just a dream at this point,but a small spread in montana and a cinder block cabana near the warm zone! large safe room for assets.
  5. it was gale sayers not walter peyton
  6. electronic fund transfer. banks do not keep that much cash on hand. be low key!
  7. badge me please, invested and vip since oct 2010. thanks
  8. please verify me. invested and vip since oct 2010 thanks dogsutra
  9. that card was issued in 2007 and expired in march of 08 just pointing that out
  10. bang, it must be a system crash. i have been having the same problem all morning. now back up with all systems are go
  11. mr. rich you mean besides the guy that is in office at this time? lol
  12. you will not need a reciept once it is a recognised currency. just sit tight when it rv's any good bank will take it and verify it's authenticity and fund your account accordingly. if you are a vip you should get preferred rates at cash in.
  13. not to be rude but give her all. pay it forward!
  14. steve miller, take the money and run!
  15. no need for a gifting letter. just treat it as she had always had it. keep it simple
  16. i agree. just hold it for her in a safe place. when it rv's just give it all back with some explaination on how she would go about cashing in at her bank. keep it simple.
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