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  1. no reciepts but i do have the certs from dinar trade. i live closer to oklahoma city
  2. i am selling 2 million not circulated dinars. all 25,000.00 denomination. all purchased from dinar trade. $850.00 per million leave info here i will try to contact you. thanks
  3. go;fnsr, you were saying that tongue and cheek! right!
  4. mr chips, sold them to dinar trade. i realize other sights are paying more,but you have to buy from them to sell them back to them.
  5. is any one buying dinar today? i know the purchase mkt price is higher than 850.00 per million
  6. i do need to sell it all,but could go to multiple buyers. $850.00 per million
  7. is there a reason that there are replies? do i need to clarify anything or give other options? i meant no replies
  8. i am selling also north texas olkahoma. see my post on this page. 10 million $8500.00
  9. i am in the oklahoma north texas area. selling 10m all 25 k notes all not circulated. bought from dinar trade. in person cash $8500.00 contact me here. leave info
  10. large currency swaps would most likely be done electronically.not with actual bills
  11. i am good with either team. i would prefer that pm won and showed the ic that he was not done!
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