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    Sunny Central Florida
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    cooking,work out in the gym,band parent,kayaking/canoeing,snorkeling(when i can),and i am a DOLPHINS FAN(actually converted Dan Marino

About Me

Just your average beer swilling,football lovin,blue collar worker.Im an a/c installer/tech.I married my g/f of 18yrs 2-20-2010 we have 2 kids 18 and 15.ive pretty much worked my field all my life.

Currently im one of the thousands here in Florida that is without work,not exactly depending on this rv,but itll certainly help.Not one of the ones with millions as i just found out about this.And having a family with no job and both me and my wife are unemployed getting just enough to pay bills and buy food leaves NO room for extras.

But when we RV thatll change,school for me and my wife,and buy a house outright,one less thing for us to have to worry with,get a Roth IRA set up since we both ate up our 401k to survive,set our kids up for college,the rest we will figure out after we tithe to our church and help a few friends and relatives.

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