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  1. Snotrocket ..... Koodos to you for saying what so many think. Our government is teaching people that they are ENTITLED to all these freebies. It's disgusting to see that some of these people do live much better than those of us who go to work everyday. Give a man a fish & he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish & he eats for life.
  2. RIGHT ON, WAR EAGLE!! Bobbidoll, if you hold a collectible, the gain on it would be 28%. You are right. But then you need the experts to come in and tell you when a collectible is not a collectible. Can a collectible once RV'd, become a capital asset with out the collectible status? I believe (without looking it up) that a collectible can change status when it changes character. I mean, now the Dinar is a collectible (not traded freely on the open market). After the RV, I believe, the Dinar changes character and becomes a trading capital asset. Another thing...I don't beleive it matters when the RV occurs but how long have you held your Dinar as to determining long term vs. short term. JMHO...get yourself a pro and ask a lot of questions. Chartman17 I am a tax pro. My point being was that collectibles do get taxed. You are right - Dinar will no longer be a collectible after RV. Sweetgirl1956 is on the right path by quoting Pub 525 - IMHO. However, any pro knows that for every IRS rule or regulation - there is an exception. As those rules and regs are constantly changing, we won't actually know until it happens. Until then, all we have are educated guesses on tax liability. I have mine & have never been afraid to share when asked. I agree with you on the fact that everyone of us needs to have pros on our side. Never be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Gains from collectibles get hit with a 28% tax. On a side note as well, if you can not prove dates then the IRS assumes the worst - which would be short term, not long term.
  4. Ohhhhh maaannn!!! How will I get through my work day now?!?!?!?
  5. I can't believe this hasn't hit at least 2000 yet! Night everyone!
  6. FlyHi ............ Lmao! thank you!
  7. A man was in a locker room, changing after playing golf. Suddenly, a phone rang. He put it on speaker for the rest of the guys to hear. ... "Hey hun!" A woman said. "Hey babe." The man said. "Oh my gosh, I just found this beautiful leather jacket... but it was 200 bucks... can I get it?" The man replied, "Of course baby! Anything for you." "Thanks! And by the way, I passed the dealership and saw the car we want, but its 20,000 dollars." "Oh, who cares! Get it with all the options and features!" The man replied. "Really! Oh, and lastly, the house we wanted is back on the market... the asking price is 750,000, and they expect it'll go fast." She said. "Okay then offer 900,000- we'll be sure to get it then!" "Ok! Great hun. I gotta go. I love you! Byee!" "Bye." He shut the phone. Every man in the locker room looked at him in disbelief. Then the man said.... "Does anyone know whose phone this is?"
  8. I honestly thought you'd be done by now.
  9. Those shots stink! Get to feeling better soon!
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