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  1. Thanks for the post! Something will give soon. They can't keep going in circles forever.
  2. Nobody knows when this will revalue. I appreciate that both Scooter and Phoenix are not predicting, but rather giving us intel and insight into the process and suggesting it is possible. They are the voices that are calling for cautious optimism. It could happen this weekend or by Nov., but we just have to be patient and let things unfold. Certainly there are indicators that this is getting close, but I for one am not going to lose my head. JMO.
  3. His approval rating is pretty low. After November, we could talk our new leaders in congress to add a "pork item" to their first bill. American taxpayers are in favor of paying for a one-way flight on Airforce One to Bagdad!!!
  4. Good luck. . . suppose we will know if your premise is right in time.
  5. Another positive piece of the puzzle! Just a matter of when. Thanks for the post
  6. Sounds Promising . . . Hope it is good. Thanks for the Post!
  7. Dinar will increase over next year after RV/RI. Just makes sense. JMO
  8. Thanks Pheonix! I agree, this will happen in a systematic, logical way. First GOI, Chapter 7 removed and then it will be open for an RV!!!
  9. Thanks viper. . . it will happen when it happens, but sooner would be better that later.
  10. I've been invested in Iraqi Dinar for 3 years now. I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE an RV will occur and we will all be grateful we stuck it out! It is all about timing and compromise with the GOI now. I have noticed a lot of people predicting this weekend or next or before November, etc. Nobody knows (well God does-He knows all things)! Not even Maliki or Allawi or Mahdi or the Kurds or the CBI know when exactly it will all go down. There are a lot of indicators that point to 'soon', but we just have to wait it out and hope that the best man for the people will be appointed to head the govern
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