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  1. This thread was well worth the read!! :lol: :lol:
  2. I sent my wire transfer to my account on Friday. I will wait a few more days then send a scanned copy of my wire to Mr Issa and request a receipt along with online account access. Go rv...........just give me a few more days though :lol: I am working on getting into the ISX!
  3. This is soooo right and funny ~ not funny really but a lot of people think things get done in meetings.............. Get the homework done ~ that is the work - IMO
  4. I am not sure what time he will be on ~ it is hard to pin a good man down ? What is the possibility of Iraq dragging this RV out till the end of year?
  5. Adam let me know he is going to be on chat tonight ~ so post your questions please! Go Rv
  6. :lol: :lol: RV now please!
  7. When legislation goes to a committee then there are people that are responsible for getting the details done. We do this in the states too. It is not so bad, it is progress, but I really do understand your frustration.
  8. There is a lot of stuff in here ~ focus people I guess they have a lot to do...let hope they do not drag their feet!! (In the sand)
  9. Everyone was shocked...... except the Princess.............. hummmm (well maybe a few others)
  10. Deputy: Iraqi resolve security candidates within two days. And the national security and intelligence between national walkordstani Date: Tuesday 26-07-11 01: 36 pm Baghdad (newsletter).The leadership said in a State of law coalition and the National Alliance Deputy//Haitham Al-Juburi said Iraqi list security ministries candidates names will, within a couple of them, Khaled Al-Obeidi, At the same time referring to: the National Alliance will get the Ministry of national security and intelligence apparatus is the Kurdish Alliance or vice versa. The House voted by a majority vote of confidence in the Government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki without security ministries on 21 December last year. The Agency said Al-Juburi of the newsletter) News Tuesday: the National Alliance did not discuss the names of the candidates nominated by the ministries of the Interior and national security, and the Iraqi list have not been sent for this moment, the names of candidates for the Ministry of defence. National Deputy said: during the next two days, the Ministry will submit candidates, including former candidate, Khalid al-Ubeidi, Minister of State Adam Al-Juburi, is expected to ask Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, adding that the Ministry of national security, it does not determine the fate of resolved and national intelligence receives the Kurdistan Alliance, or vice versa, or become a Directorate under the Ministry of the Interior. It was housed within the clusters, National Alliance, have agreed to submit candidates for the Ministry of the Interior and defence next week to Parliament, the Assembly affirmed the need to resolve the issue of the US withdrawal at a meeting of leaders of the political blocs in the home of President Talabani. Held late Monday at the headquarters of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the National Alliance meeting in the presence of all the leaders of the Alliance. A source at the National Alliance (News News Agency): the coalition leaders agreed on the need to submit the names of candidates for the ministries of defence and aldtkhlihh of Parliament soon, preferably next week or the next, before entering Parliament, holiday, which starts on the 19th of August next. Source: the meeting discussed three important issues (strategic policy Council, the security ministries, the US withdrawal), where it was agreed that the extension of the US forces, and discussion of the topic at the meeting of leaders of the political blocs in the home of President Talabani, did not take the theme into policy Council at the meeting. The source pointed out: the National Alliance leaders agreed that they will listen to the rest of us withdrawal from the blocks and then will make their position on this matter. The source said: the leaders of the bloc stressed the need to resolve the issue of security ministries soon./finished/7 n. p. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. GO RV......................!!!!! thanks Adam
  12. IMF urges China to raise Yuan to control inflation ....................... see a pattern peeps!
  13. There is a lot of general information here....... I think the info is good.... just telling us to be careful, I did not really understand these financial cycles before, and wish I could have learned about them earlier ~ it would have saved my family a lot of heartache for sure.. but maybe I can pass it on to grandchildren ~ if I am lucky Go rv........
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