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  1. So I will lower my price to $900 per million if that makes a difference. Let me know. Thanks !
  2. I can be reached directly at (512) 755-9895 I can be reached directly at (512) 755-9895
  3. $950 per million x 10 = $9,500 I purchased from Dinar Trade and have COA 25k uncirculated notes It makes me sick to offer this right now, but my business expenses force me to sell I am located near Austin, TX
  4. I have been in this investment for almost a year and that is the BEST post yet! Approximately 1,400 homes have been destroyed by fire in the last week in Bastrop, Tx. Can you imagine the effect on the Families? Unbelievable!!! If... WHEN the RV happens, please keep families such as this in mind. My Construction Company will be there next week to see how we can help.
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