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  1. Hi Adam! First time asking a question. (so please be gentle!) Anyway, in the past 2 weeks according to XE I have seen the dinar fluctuate not only in the matter of a day but also hours - from 1165 to 1200, to 1144 to 1182, to 1152. What are your thoughts on this? And Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  2. It was bouncing back and forth to 1166 and 1190 last week; however this week it is slowly going down — 1158, 1153.. I have an XE app
  3. Weird. Typically I try to click on the app once a day just to check, perhaps I've missed a couple days. Either way, I hope it's temporary! Went in the wrong direction!
  4. It went from the usual 1160 to 1198.50. That is NO USD fluctuation. Your thoughts?
  5. Had a dream the dinar RVed at $1.43. I guess a dream is as good as some of these guru's predictions.
  6. Wow. pretty much calling Tqueezy an idiot, I see? Wow. Well thanks T for the post. If there weren't bold people like you, we wouldn't have any hopeful entertainment. B)/>/> :bow:/>/> :twothumbs:/>/>
  7. you don't have to answer to everyone, just because they are too lazy to read the entire thread.
  8. Dr. J called it in October 2010 (over 2 years ago) that the dinar wouldn't RV till late 2012, looking late November into December.. As much as I didn't want to wait that long, I believed them more than the gurus who screamed every week. Well since 2012 has come and gone, it would really be nice to have an update on the situation. Has anyone heard anything from Dr. J?
  9. I know typically Ohio is one that is a swing state. I haven't looked to see if they were for O or Romney... but all I can say is I of course voted for Romney, along with my family. My heart breaks for this country... The next 4 years are going to be extremely scary. A lot of trusting in God, for sure!
  10. Thanks for your reply. That's what I suggest to him. lol And no, I was not expecting it is due to an imminent RV. Would be nice, but doubtful. Thank you
  11. Hey guys, I just wanted your personal opinions on this. My brother-in-law I guess was recently short on cash, so he took some of his Dinar back to the original bank that he bought it at and they wouldn't accept it or buy it back from him. The bank is 5/3. My husband and I bought our Dinar there too. The bank manager, when we bought it 2 1/2 years ago was really friendly, helpful with information, and more the day we first bought it. So needless to say, I was rather surprise that he told me this. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Again, it makes me wonder if Dr. J was correct all along, late Fall 2012. I'm okay with that. Thanks for the post!
  13. You think he will win the election? He has like a 30% overall approval rating.. And in all do respect, don't you live in France or somewhere? lol I thought you didn't live in the States.
  14. awe I didn't neg ya. lol I plused ya. I thought it was funny. apparently not all of us on here are Republicans.
  15. Well said and explained, Adam. Your feedback and opinion is greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm just curious. Has anyone read or heard any update on Dr. J. He/She hasn't posted anything since May. And they were the one who said in October 2010 that there wouldn't be an RV till late 2012. Hope they're still right... I am just looking for some hope. My husband and I really need this RV, there are no jobs available at all. And Bravo11 and AC are calling no RV in 2012. thank you!
  17. Blaino has called RV plenty of times in the past... But thanks for the post
  18. I hope so. God knows we really need the money right now.. Thanks for the post yota! It is interesting to hear Bravo and AC both say no RV in 2012 though....
  19. if you are quoting his percentage on accuracy, I would so that of 90 to 95%. But who's counting? jmho
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