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  1. Any other country that tries to prosecute our former president must answer to the american people my opinion dave from texas
  2. Thought this might be interesting to share. Video: Read:
  3. Categorized | Industry & Trade Australia supports Iraq WTO membership Posted on 16 November 2010. Tags: Industry & Trade, Iraq An Iraqi ministry has said that Australia supports its quest for World Trade Organisation membership, according to NINA. WTO membership will significantly boost investment in Iraq as well as increasing its access to goods and services due to fewer restrictions from WTO member countries. WTO membership takes almost as long to attain as agreement at a UN meeting. Iraq submitted its application to join in 2004, and it met with the WTO’s working party for Iraq
  4. thanks for all your info doc we do appriciate it
  5. Just wanted everyone to know that the Iraqi people are hearing the same rumors. I have a contact who is an Iraqi who said she is hearing the same rumor that the Iraqi dinar is going to go one to one with the US dollar. However she is unsure when it will happen. She will email me if she hears anything over there. Hope we hear something soon. Go RV!!
  6. Found this interesting article posted on Here is the direct link also.... Categorized | Oil & Gas Iraq Output “Will Double” Posted on 18 October 2010. Tags: CBI, Oil The Iraq Central Bank said that the survival of a high oil price will double Iraq GDP, helping it to achieve its goals by improving the value of the dinar through economic growth. Speaking to IKHNews, adviser of the Central Bank, Mudhir Saleh, predicted the survival of oil prices in the $80-$85 range, which will double GDP and
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