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  1. IMHO, Okie deserves whatever ill will comes his way. He has been instrumental at effing many people over and leading people on for about 5 years now with his lies. If I had his number I would call him 10x a day to tell him what an a$$ he is.
  2. FATCA is not a good thing. It will cripple the already bad economy. The US govt will spend much more money enacting and enforcing FATCA than it will recoup. Its like spending dollars so you can tax your citizens pennies.
  3. Back in October, a Dv member named Nortec said he had his SKR and NDA and was cashing out with the whales. He hasnt been back on since then. Nortec was talking about his new big house and all the things he was going to be spending his new riches on. He actually lives in so cal where I do and maybe he can invite me over to his new pad and show me how the other half lives. What do you say Nortec???
  4. Okie, Tony, Frank, Blaino and Terry K make 'prognostications' also. So Possum is no different. And at least Larry the Cable Guy is somewhat funny. Possum has no value.
  5. Hey Nortec, how is it going? Care to fill us in on your SKR and NDA? I see you were on here 4 days ago but havent posted in a while.
  6. I have reached out and contacted the OP outside of dinarvets through his email on his websites. If you follow him he does not make his identity about who he is, what he does and who he works for too private. He told me basically what he said in his original post. His story does check out and WF immediately escorted him out of the bank as soon as he mentioned dinar. If only there was a way to contact okie and tony tnt now.
  7. So lets figure something out here. Quagmire posts his sarcastic b.s. about the rv and he gets slammed by the masses. But when possum posts the same garbage he gets praised by his followers. I don't get it. Kind of a double standard.
  8. The Internet is a very powerful tool. Believe me if I could use it to expose Okie, Tony and Terry K I would do it. I'm sure if I had the funds and time I could find out more but I have faith that one day the pumpers will be exposed and will have to answer to the people they de frauded.
  9. This is the guy in the picture. W0TM is a ham radio handle. I have lots more info on him (and it is very easy to find) but I wont post his real name or where he works. Either this is the guy in the picture or somebody (Okie, Tony, Terry K) boosted his image and handle and is using it as a fake persona to pump more dinar.
  10. Skybear, nowhere has it been said (except by the gurus ) that the US has or will have anything to do with the rv. That has all been speculation and a rumor that has been told around the campfire so many times its an urban legend now. Nobody knows really how much dinar the US is holding, if any, and who really has their finger on the button.
  11. if you convert USD to IQD it shows the normal 1 to 1140. If you convert IQD to USD it shows 8.76 to 1. Its simply a glitch in the system, this is the stuff pumpers use to make up their b.s.
  12. Thats all well and good but is it negativity he brings or the voice of reason and common sense? If I posted a news article directly from the GOI or CBI that said the currency would never rv some of you would look at it like its negative (and bash me for posting it) because it goes against all your perceptions of being an instant millionaire. We as Dinar holders have been promised instant wealth many times over by the 'gurus' and when information that says otherwise comes to light, it gets bashed because it spoils the instant millionaire dream. I am constantly searching for information about the IQD. I will run across some info that I dont want to hear but instead of crying about it I am ready for whatever may come, rv, rd, lop, total loss or whatever. Still hoping for the instant millionaire but if it doesnt happen then oh well.
  13. Whats the matter Jaygo? Are you not secure enough in your investment that you have to attack Dinar Buddy for posting a word of caution? Instead of tearing him/her down with little insults just take the high road and say that you dont agree with him. If I or anyone else has any news abut the Dinar whether it be good, bad or indifferent it should be posted here. Peoples feelings get hurt because they cant handle any little bit of negative news in regards to the IQD.
  14. What? Why would Terry K lie to us when he says it will RV for $11.95? what about Okie and the green screens, blue screens, pings, global reset, gag orders and such? I feel like an idiot now.
  15. My thoughts and prayers go out to both of you, more people should take notice of your actions and if they did, the world would truly be a better place. And to Outlaw, thank you for that. More people should think like that also. I try to pay it forward when I can because you never know when you are going to be in a situation and need help. Thats what I like about Dinarvets, its the good people here on this forum.
  16. TNT tony has been saying for 2-3 years now that the smart cards were loaded. He also said that small denoms were loaded into ATMs and being installed on the streets 2+ years ago.
  17. Blaino was on here for a short time. Myself and a few other members called him out and he never came back on to answer. Search for his name and you can find his junk.
  18. Roadrunner, great post! This should be made a sticky but it would take the wind out of everybodys sails. Nobody here knows the intentions of Iraq and the CBI, we only know what we have read over the years by the so called gurus. Everything is spun in a way to sell more dinar and line the pockets of the pumpers. We as investors simply cant rely on google translator to convey the true intentions of the CBI. We dont know what 'raise the zeros' means or 'delete the zeros'. Terry K and Okie tells the masses that this is all good and the sheep follow. Also, so many people invested in this rely on the rumors and hopes of a big jackpot RV that they will believe complete nonsense and throw rational thinking out the window. The sooner people stop following these morons the sooner they will go away.
  19. People have come on here and said they have seen the LD's but nobody has even been able to provide a pic. Its so easy for somebody to whip out a camera phone and snap a pic.
  20. I dont know if they will ever be right. Maybe this will be a never ending cycle of pumpers and buyers of IQD. Its like groundhog day the movie. They pump so we buy and they pump some more so we buy more so on and so on.
  21. Maybe Frank is making a list of all the good things he has done in his life. So when he shows up at the pearly gates he can hope to offset all of the lying he has done in the name of god.
  22. Option F. They will do nothing at all with maybe a step or two backwards in the direction of progress. Just like its been going for the last few years. I hate to be so negative but Iraq will implode before Maliki does anything to benefit anybody but himself
  23. Let me debunk this right now. Nobody should have any hope in this story being true, stories like this have been floating around for years. If the bank had a meeting with all the tellers and I am assuming they had this meeting at all the bank branches and informed the all of tellers, loan agents, managers etc... that there was this foreign currency (iqd) that was going to increase tremendously in value in the next few days, but keep it hush-hush. Do not tell the customers. Its our little secret. There will be hundreds of people every hour at the bank lining up with this currency cashing it in for thousands, even millions of dollars. Does anybody think the bank tellers would not be buying any? Of course they would. They have this inside information and they are not going to use it to get rich? The bank tellers would leave their top secret meeting and drive to the nearest dinar dealer and invest. Why would they want to cash in dinar and make people millionaires while they still work for a living?
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