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  1. I have 5 million dinar to sale. The bill are 25K, I believe they are uncirculated (currently in storage). I also have the documentation that came with the dinar notes when purchased. What is a reasonable rate for me to ask and also do any of the companies that currently sell dinar, will by dinar as well. Thank you Brian
  2. How close do you think we are, any more info. from your friend you talked about in your past posts. Thanx... LL
  3. The Liberals are the Bullies on the block... The GOP are the sissy/girlie boys who get picked on...
  5. Clif High’s Wujo discussions & interviews – torrent files
  6. Frank is a idiot.... Same crap of an excuse year after year after year after year
  7. I purchased the first million of dinar in 2004, so I am not new to this... I can promise all of you, that this time next year the headlines will be the same... The same promises, the same B.S., the same so called guru's... Don't believe me.... Go back year after year and read the posts.... Same or similar content.... different dates ..... different guru's.... I will be grateful when the RV is here, but do not get your hopes up... The RV will happen when it happens, regardless of the so called intel we get.... Have a great weekend everyone.... B.
  8. I purchased my first 5 million in 1995 and have also purchased more dinar since than. I have seen dates come and go, guru's come and go... I am still waiting for the RV to happen. If any of you are questioning this topic, just go back and read all of the posts between august and march of each year... Better yet, read all of the posts that have ever been written on the RV... B.
  9. Sounds to me like "Wife In The Know" and Okie got married.... :rolleyes:/>
  10. Just for the record, I live in Utah and I am also LDS. The Salt Lake Tribune is mostly a liberal newspaper and the Deseret News is mostly the conservative newspaper here in Utah. Brian
  11. I am sure that after Michelle leaves Obama, that Nancy Pelosi can always take her place.... B.
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