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  1. My Dear Uppy, I am sorry to disappoint you. How can I make it up?
  2. larrylop larrylopiccolo Please be sure to attend the Q & A on Wednesday at 8PM CST with Adam Montana. Will see you there, and address your concerns. Infinite Blessings,iccolo
  3. sunshinelvr I appreciate the post, and DV members are all looking forward to the chat discussion Adam. Thank you sunshinelvr and Adam, Capital stack
  4. Greetings, Mr. Adam Montana, From Sunny Arizona, we appreciate your efforts to have like minded speculators unite and share ideas & information. It is my utmost honor and privilege to be here. For EagleEye, thank you so much for the great idea. For pvS, I love those flowers; you picked the great flowers for a great person. I thank you, and Infinite Blessings, Capital stack
  5. Wow, you are professional at this. I would definitely run away if these lines were used, but I would laugh so much that we would be good friends. Have you thought about publishing a book on this?
  6. Wow, that was very expeditious!! I mentioned that the advertisement was not truthful, and now the Tampa Dinar has changed their advertisement already. Now the Ad does not have the luring(much lower than the listed price on the website) amount which was not the correct $ amount. Whoever(Adam Montana, Munsch or Jeff from Tampa Dinar) you are, I appreciate the change!! Now, I am glad I brought it up in the forum. I don't have the bad taste in my mouth anymore Thank you, Capital stack
  7. Go Packers!!!!!!!! Capital stack, aka, Cheesehead
  8. Greetings: chsmstr Funny rumor!! Packers won, and it will be a great game with Steelers!! Go Packers!! From: Cheesehead
  9. Dear Munsch: I appreciate your clarification. I was not implying that it was DV's fault; was simply stating where I saw the advertisement. So other people don't think it is $1050 per Million.
  10. I just logged on the DV site, and saw the Tampa Dinar's advertisement for $1050 per million Dinars. I was pleasantly surprised and clicked on it, and the price list states that million Dinar is retailing for $1260. That is a great deal of difference in cost. I didn't really care for that too much.
  11. GreenAZ, Did you read my response to your last(first actually) post? The thread is closed, and yet you should be able to read it when you go to your profile and click on the Topic's.
  12. Dear Gelai64, I really appreciate your post, and taking time to impart the truth with us. I thought you handled it with class(not necessary for personal attacks). Yes, the so called guru's(pumpers) should consider what kind of negative impact they have on some of the needy people that requires this RV. I thank you again, and take care. Infinite Blessings, Capital stack
  13. Dear Munsch: I appreciate your response even if it doesn't work. Thank you again,
  14. Greetings GreenAZ(fellow Arizonian), I just wanted to convey that we have had a countless predictions(conjectures) previously, from so many new comers that never posted again. I suppose we all have been rooked here from the truth, a numerous times. If you are experiencing a great deal of skeptics it is not personal. We would still love to see an RV ASAP. We just would like some sort of validation with a link or credential backing this story. Please keep in mind we are all in this together(figurative speaking). We all desire the same result. Although I am open minded to a new information
  15. Greetings fellow Dinar holders: If you know of any banks(depository institutions) in Scottsdale, Arizona, please post here or PM me. I have a few skeptics that would like to actually walk into a physical location to purchase. I appreciate your help, and I thank you in advance. Capital Stack
  16. Yes, Indeed!! I still would like for the pumpers to be right one of these days!! I didn't know world is running out of paper and ink, lol Yes, you are absolutely right!!
  17. This is what I mean!! Absolutely, one can use other ways to cash in other than Ali. Adam Montana did state that he will send out an email with a list of places to cash in. Of course, I wish to have this problem soon !!!
  18. This delay in delivery service time makes one excogitate how Ali is going to expedite the cashing in process post RV. It is just a thought that occur to me. Ali, are you out there to give us a reasonable explanation other than overwhelming amount of orders? I hope for the effortless execution of course when it comes to cashing in.
  19. Greetings detracey, and fellow dinar friends, I appreciate your post on this subject matter; it is always great that we are all here to support each other. So where does one find this coupon code? Thank you in advance, Capital stack
  20. dgarvey981, I appreciate your post, and thanks for sharing. I also have acquired all my Dinars from Ali, and yet, I have not ordered it separately so I don't have a different shipment of stacks to compare it with. Have you looked at the notes in detail? Is there any difference in the images on the notes? Have you notified Ali yet? Perhaps, you can simply inquire about the difference in physical stack size. I would love to see what other fellow Dinar investors come up with.
  21. mjsnow79, My pleasure mjsnow79. I have concealed the websites, and deleted the phone numbers (promoting other sites are not allowed). I am surprised you didn't ask me to drive you to the site yet, lol, just bantering. I am glad to be able to assist you! Here is a written email I have received from Ali: When you are ready to cash in your dinars with Ali (XXXXXXX): Call (XXXXXXXXX) to make an appointment. Let us know which office you would like to go to in order to make the trade. At the time of the appointment inform us of the number of people in your group and the total amount of dina
  22. Greetings mjsnow79: Here is a link that is very helpful. It is a recorded call from Ali himself, and I hope you find it useful. Infinite Blessings, Capital stack
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