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  1. I am thinking power washer. Caddieman, Fascism is essentially a hybrid, being part Socialism and part Communism. The common thread is a centralized government that makes all the decisions. And sheeple .
  2. I think that it is highly probable for a scenario along those lines to occur . Jmho. Time will tell. Have a great rest of the week Longtimelurker. When the IQD does RV, over dinner on me, I gotta ask how you came up with your name .
  3. Thanks buddy, but I am way above ya already. Breathing in the clean crisp air that Trump has blest us with with his deregulation and bureaucratic streamlining, removing of red tape. Its so clear up here we can see you in that rabbit hole you mentioned, all relaxed an happy, thanks to the propaganda breakfast and lunch you ate today. The one that makes you believe me and mine are in a hole of TDS when it is thou that is in the hole. Where down is up, good is bad, where equal justice under the law in a Democratic Constitutional Republic is socialism, and riots and mayhem are peaceful protest. S
  4. A collapsed economy will not place them in a position to improve their oil and other sectors. Particularly if we (US) and the world are moving away from a Central Bank based debt system, to a gold based non-petrodollar system. JMHO.
  5. Don't listen to goats, they are baaaaaaaa d thinkers. Good article, and in the Rumors Section to boot.
  6. Majority rules in a democratic republic with an Electoral College and a constitutional government, while the minority party drools . Instead the minority party drooling and resorting to violence , they should analyze where they went wrong this election cycle, adjust their policy platforms accordingly, and try again in the next election cycle; be that The Mid Term elections or the next Presidential election cycle. Ya know, how it use to work.
  7. Hey Cad. Good morning to ya. I suggest you google "The Walk Away " movement. It is a grass roots amalgam of disenfranchised Democrats , that have walked away from the Dem Party and committed to voting Republican/for Trump this election cycle . Largely because "this" Dem Party has abandoned its American Roots of capitalism, social safety nets, etc, and embraced Lennonist Socialism , Communism. While borrowing from Fascism , and incorporating the Brown Shirt tactics of Hitlerism , while trying to convince people and themselves its actually peaceful protesting. They got you hook, line, and lewer
  8. Can't please everyone ! So just please the Lord God Almighty and let Him take care of the rest !
  9. I agree with Markinsa, Dems support abortion just as they supported slavery during the 1800's . They hide their abortion support under the vail of "womans health." Sounds better, while denying the rights of a unborn child to live, simply because they didn't intend or didn't want the child. Like they weren't aware of how babies are made. No one wants to deny a womans health issues. But with all the pre-birth options out there like the morning after pill, copper diaphragms for post rape issues; abortions don't need to be a 1st option. Plus there is always giving the baby up for adoption . Last
  10. This part also interest me very much. How are you going to reach your goals for the people, do what you need to do, and not borrow more money . Hmmm, I know of a way to achieve that .
  11. Pitcher, don't fret when it comes to the Cad. He is a member of The Fascist Propaganda Machine of America. Aka, the DNC. Man does he hate it when ya point that fact out .
  12. I am posting this due to nstoolmans last comment. It is related to the Covid 19 death calculation. Boy what a difference the placement of a decimal point makes. And/or using a valid related medical term incorrectly. Read on Dudes n Dudettes. Before Shabs, or friends of his, says something neg abt Trump for have sucked it on this Covid calculation. Trump
  13. Just trying to place the article Regarding the 1% , ie 1 decimal point, covid 19" here. For those who prefer seeing the article verses pressing the link and then reading the article. A Quite good article. Related to the threads topic. Press the link.
  14. Understand that I know that CV 19 is a serious and nasty virus. No one can deny this. Older members of our population are at greater risk. Look at the results of Gov Cuomo Covid 19 patient isolation out of hospital and into long term care/Nursing homes. Also figures don't lie, unless you put the decimal point in the wrong place, and use a valid medical term incorrectly. Read this informative article. THE CDC Got The Numbers Wrong, Thus Their Predictions Were Over by 10X... Great Article Explaining The Mathematical Error.
  15. Johnny D, Johnny D ... that is absolutely hilarious .
  16. Th Fed and States should add money to their budget, earmarked to finally manage the American Mental Health issue in a medical facility that is geared to do so. And increase the funding to the Police at the same time.
  17. A humorous response to a very appreciated and serious post . I hope its okay.
  18. 1.37 million jobs made/gained in the month of August 2020 !!! Who did that ? President Obama ? Sleepy Creepy Joe ? NO !!! SUPER PRESIDENT TRUMP DID THAT !!!
  19. If ya wanna know how America is doing, look at what other countries are saying about U.S. and the Democrats conniving ways . So says former Democrat Barbara Heineback an African American woman that was part of the Jimmy Cater Administration. I believe this man is from Australia .
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