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  1. He may owe . Didn't pay his taxes . Call me back when you do know something you Trump hating dolts. Like the Dems and Mainstream Marxist Media got all this Trump Tax info from legitimate legal sources such as the IRS ? This is all heresay and nothing more at.this point. I read an article yesterday, that said for the tax time frame in question that Trump paid a huge chunk of $$$ , $62 million (I didn't write quotes down) . That when Mr Obama increased the Look Back period , the amount of time you can apply business losses to taxes paid during previous years ; Mr Obama's IRS increased it from 2
  2. Seems like Mr Steele got him another anonymously sourced dossier gig from The Dems . Jmho. Mr Trump, you may not like his personality but he gets the job done. Before the W.W. chinese virus shut down we had the highest amount of African Americans working in over ... what 40 years. Mr Trump has earmarked Fed Funding to historically black Universities and Colleges. Increased Economic Opportunity Zones in low income neighborhoods to attrack businesses to these areas. Increased funding to Small Business Administration to expand the largest employer base of workers in the USA. Does this sound like
  3. Yeah, and Zig hile to the spreader of this dis-information propaganda. And to its originator Mr Anonymous Source. Brown shirt bastages . Just another case of the Dems blaming us Republicans for what the Dems are actually doing ever since they lost The Civil War and there by the Republicans ended Slavery in the US once and for all .
  4. It won't help. I am hoping its a translation error. I am hoping they will work to change the value if the IQD upward against the USD which may cause inflation on goods and services . That is what I am hoping they wanted to say . They at that point would be able to afford the inflated groceries.
  5. My facts are straight he was legally blocked, your facts just curve left . Its all politics baby . Yeah, yeah legally blocked, I put in voted. Woops. I stand corrected. Bottomline the Garland was nominated by Obama, and he was blocked by the Senate. The Biden Rule is just cover, to be used or not used when the fancy is suited.
  6. I hear you Johnny. Who says the American peoples voice isn't being heard ? Insinuating McConnel is senile, ain't no one as demonstrable feable as Joe Biden . Its just politics really ! You know the majority rules, the rest drool . Or what I am for now, when it does not suit me I will be against later. Like the Dems are for a DACA fix, unless the fix that incorporates more people and funding comes from Donald J Trump . Or when President Barack Obama tossed out that same precedent and nominated Merrick Garland . Again the difference there is that the nomination was legally voted down . So if an
  7. What about the Biden Rule do you not understand? Did you even read what I wrote. Let me type slowly so you will understand, it is not a law or even a Senate rule, it is a non-binding suggestion . The Dems are the puppets of the Deep State It is they who will loose all hopes of making the south rise again, if a conservative justice is appointed to fill this vacancy. Hey. wait till tomorrow, Trump may yet wait till after th.e election. Then he may want to stir the hornets nest and go for the appointment. Thanks Shelly. Yes President Obama did nominate Merrick Garland, who was blocked b
  8. Garbage, lies, fake news, Dem propaganda. The suggestion , because that actually is what it is, a suggestion. The suggestion to hold off on appointing a candidate to the SCOTUS in a period 10 months prior to a Presidential Election is known as , wait, wait ... The Biden Rule . Yup, in 1992 when George Bush Sr was given the opportunity to name a replacement to SCOTUS (when Republicans were weaker) Biden was the mouth piece that got this effort through. To restate myself this is a suggestion . It is not a Senate rule or law. So if the Republican controlled Senate passed the candidacy of Preside
  9. This all is music to my ears. Kinda makes me wonder about October 2020, if you know what I mean .
  10. Yes Sir-ree. No more RINO conservative SCOTUS judges like Roberts .
  11. Their fear of POTUS Trump is also based in the manner in which he is cutting off the DS at their roots, and giving what they worked hard for back to the people, by the people and for the people.
  12. McConnell Vows to Hold Vote on Trump's SCOTUS Pick Bronson Stocking | Posted: Sep 18, 2020 9:08 PM Share Tweet Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mourned the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. The GOP leader also vowed to give President Trump's Supreme Court nominee a vote in the U.S. Senate. "Americans reelected our majority in 2016 and expanded it in 2018 because we pledged to w
  13. I pray this interpretation is accurate. At both intervals, it is a great improvement over where it is now at 1190.20 to $1.00 USD .
  14. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87 Bronson Stocking | Posted: Sep 18, 2020 7:50 PM Share Tweet Source: AP Photo/Rebecca Gibian Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. The 87-year-old lost her battle to metastatic pancreatic cancer. The Supreme Court revealed in July that the octogenarian had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer sin
  15. Like you expect this garbage to end when the re-election of DJT+ is achieved ? Me no think they will simply whine like 3rd graders anymore. Soros , the former Nazi Fascist under Hitler, has trained their therapy pets to sniff out conservatives and viciously attack them. He has his SS troops all trained, skirmish experienced, ready and waiting to go and make Portland look like 1st grade middle finger painting. The left hate Trump merely because POTUS Trump is following through with his campaign promises, as best as he can. Something that has not been done since WJC was POTUS. He also has skun
  16. Ooorah. I say it is about time. How do I go about initiating a similar class actions law suit in California ?
  17. I know this is an old thread, but Kamala Harris of the Harris - Biden administration said out of her own mouth that her administration would REQUIRE that low income housing to be in the midst of surburbia. That is social engineering , to counter act flight from crime in the inner cities, and its NOT just a white thing these days. To say otherwise shows ignorance on the part of the speaker.
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