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  1. Shabs, did you hear , The State of Texas just filed a major law suit against 4 battleground states for election irregularities. The case will go directly to the SCOTUS. I am not sure there just may be evidence there. Hmm, what could it be ? A guess , the suit may have been filed for the state and federal violation of election laws that were passed, shortly before the election, in each. Passed by E.O. by the Secretary of State in the states named or the Governors. A violation that such changes must be done via the Legislature. Plus the fact that said changes directly effected the outcome of t
  2. WFTV 9 ABC : To be exact, Precinct 538 on UCF’s campus Florida had 107.56% of its registered voters show up to cast a ballot...That’s not a glitch or an error. Shabby this is evidence, not mine, ABC's . How does any district, anywhere, in the USA get more than 100% of its registered voters , to vote? Many more examples just like this. Not enough space to text it all here. 1 case like this here, another there, after 20 or more cases like this around the country, they establish a pattern. When all use the same or similar excuses, point to coordination and collusion. Such facts employed in a Pre
  3. Shabbi Wanny. You are in the deep part of that river in Egypt ... Denial. Get it ! I can draw you a picture in crayons if that wld help. It seems that you wld be the type of person that if you watched the video of Dem election workers pulling.out boxes of ballots, AFTER they stopped vote counting, and then counted those, that you would say that ain't me. You can't really tell what this person is doing Shabbi (woops , like the big boy you are you told me not to use your name... Shabbi. Upps I did it agan). I must have bullseyed that the correct legal point Shabby to have gotten you all rile
  4. Right on Coorslite. Shabi just being Shabi . For me , yes I supported Trump as did half of America. I prefer that he would win. More importantly I want to be able to trust our election process . 4 years ago Shabs and crew , likely stated "do away with the electoral college " when HRC lost the Electoral Collage vote but won on the popular vote. Now Shabs likes the Electoral Collage . Go home Repubs now is the cry of their propaganda machine currently know as the MSM. Now it appears to be a huge , yet state by state conspiracy to electronically stuff the ballot box via Dominions (China bought 5
  5. NEPatriotsfan : 1000% agree. What Polar said was essentially one of the other reason we fought a Civil War over. The Dems in the south wanted to change the political system in America, as America as a whole was moving away from slavery, as was European countries, et al. The country wanted a referendum to end slavery , and the Confederate States did not. It was tough because the economic agricultural power was largly in the South at that point. Thus they seceded, and Americans died as the war was fought. Eventually the best thing to have been done to heal this country was a return to the Const
  6. A chip or a digital certificate, fairly close to the same this as it will have the same effect; IMHO. I imagine lawyers will be in line to make $$$ via law suits for violation of our civil and constitutional rights if the government prevents us from having services if we do not test, or do not take the vaccine . I would sue them . My wife, a teacher , is planning on retiring if she is forced to take the vaccine before being able to return to work; plus the chip issue. With all the possible side effects that I have heard of , I just do not want to be the first to get said vaccine. I wld like to
  7. Cancel culture, and or restricting the free speech of others because their opinion may not agree with yours, is Hitler like. Plus it runs against the rights granted us via the US Constitution. Agreeing to disagree in a conversation are the markers of having an adult conversation, anything less is simply not free speech . IMHO.
  8. Very interesting. Any word on wether or not the vaccines will be having a tracking chip in them. Along the lines of Bill Gates suggestion you know.
  9. Followed by 4 yrs of lying to the courts, FISA and others. Weaponizing the DOJ, the FBI, and CIA and using it against a duly elected President , his team, and everyday Americans . Resist until the us Constitution is legal once again.
  10. How long did it take for Hilary to concede her election ? I hope the Republicans have at least learned to hog tie their political opponents in the manner the Dems have hog tied the Trump administration. Its not a matter of the Republicans sinking to the Dems level. It is a matter of acquiescing to the fact that the rules of politics has changed, permanently here in the 21 century.
  11. How do we defeat this propaganda during this next Presidency, especially if Biden does get in . They simply want people to start paying for carbon tax exemptions/fines with which to line their pockets via their sibling/childrens unwarranted careers.
  12. My friend don't forget the mystery of how a state can get 125% of registered voters to vote ! That math don't add up either. Unless you're Jethro Bodine a usin gasintas n all.
  13. President Elect, team member already gleefully stated they should send the vaccines to China first, then give it to Americans. In my opinion we are seeing glimpses of what Socialism in America is going to look like. Prepare to resist and have a group email opened with the email addresses of not just POTUS, but Congress and Senate hot heads and email them at least once a week. Telling them how this proposal and that proposal is wrong, and how it will erode you Constitutional and Civil Rights ; should your feel that way. Including.Pelosi and Schumer. JMHO
  14. Yes, I know, I live in Cali as well . I had hoped this wld have RV'd by now so I can move out of state to a place of God's choosing . I can still move and will , as soon as I hear where to and when from Him . When overwhelmed a bit, always trust in God, even if you cannot see Him working .
  15. I hear you on that and agree 100% Yota. Signs on how bad Socialism is gonna be under Biden says I. I imagine this scenario may occur ... Covid outbreak - I won't take your guns but I am canceling your ability to purchase ammo or get your weapons repaired.
  16. True that . Also the American people want a end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Trump originally campaigned on ending our involment in endless wars. Another campaign promise fulfilled. We will still have involvement, just far less than the 50,000 troops we still have on the Korean peninsula.
  17. That and what Senator Blackburn revealed has me scared if Trump looses the recounts. Venezuela style government will he here. Cannot say anything bad about the government least you get jailed. Temporary covid restrictions , 24/7 . Fees and taxes raised on the middle class . A economic depression by 2024. Oh and no more fossil fuels, cars, trucks, planes . Which may not be bad if the replacement technology, on the proper scale actually existed. Eventually no more middle class; just rich people and poor people. Like in Vietnam, Russia, and Venezuela.
  18. The example we got with Bush/Gore at least was when they re-counted the votes they had 1 Democrat and 1 Republican sitting next to each other examining the given ballot. With a independent 3rd party there to resolve any dispute . None of this shiznet of Dems examining the ballot while the Republican stands 6-12 feet away, behind a cardboard barrier . No way to substantively examine the ballot that way. Cheaters sure can figure , and come up with unfair rules. I will be donating to the RNC today to fund the Republican WI re-count . And for a petition for Pelosi and all politicians to divest fro
  19. And Biden's campaign manager in Texas, Dallas Jones, gets arrested for Voter Fraud . So, I didn't hear the Heavy Set Lady sing yet ! .
  20. White paper ?! White paper ?! I got a roll of white paper in 3 rooms of my house. Plus what's left of a bundle of white paper rolls in the garage . Hope I don't run out of white paper before this tv's. I can't see about going to Iraq to get more .
  21. NO SOCIALISM IN THE USA !!! I love the liberties I have to much to allow the precursor to communism to take them away from me , one slice at a time. Don't want Venezuela like in this country. Don't want another Civil War either, mostly because war is never civil . If I have to ...
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