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  1. And so many people in my church believe that this is a "scam"; not a investment at all. It wold be nice for them to pay us back but hey, if we (the federal government) has 1 - 3 trillion dinar stashed away and we use that to pay down the national debt that will be better than a repayment of the war expenses or a senior discount at hometown buffet. If this was a looser investment, this politician would never be able to say what she said. Thats my opinion, whats yours?
  2. Man oh man, this has got to be a really nice peg to put on the board of we are truely getting closer should it really happen. Woooo whooo. Go RV!!!
  3. He ain't heavy D, he's my brother and as human as the rest of us in this, in it till the end dinar hopefuls. I and so many, including Heavy D possibly now, are so num to the predictions of day and value of an r.v. that we take all with a grain of salt and doubt it instantly. Quietly, we still hold out hope though. If this don't happen for me, I and my family are screwed. But what is faith, if it doesn't involve believing in the unseen; believing in a better future. Peace
  4. Good to be reminded of this info. it is technical and easyt to follow/understand.
  5. Dyn-o-mite, thats right. You know on the lo lo.
  6. Hey now play nice people. We remember how it was when we first drove our stick shifter enuf to figure we could post such a first grade post, a re-post really, and not be shredded. Be a good MSgt and lets teach this virgin that just because you have a four hour post little blue pill problem that it doesn't make you a man . Review, research, keep note of links for independent verification of the claim. Well karrotz, there you go. Was it good for you?
  7. Right on AK47. Give Kuwait money, reparations, or whatever ,,, OK. Give Kuwait back all lands seized when Saddamized invade Kuwait ok. Give them Iraqi land to make nice nice uncool. Why would a Kuwaite port take away all of Iraqs business anyway? Can't the Iraqi port authority lower their price to remain competative or even issue a coupon?
  8. Dudes. Keep the options open. Word on the street to Bagdad says that the window may stay open for up to two years as part of an arrangement that the U.S. ; Britain; France, and the Chinese et al government has, to slowly but steadily trade their dinar holdings back into cash in a manner that won't overwelm the banking system of Iraq. It may be less than two years. Like you this will alllow them to get a little more bang for the dinar as this monetary IPO rises to a rate the market can bear. This will allow you time to set up any legal financial planning you would need to legally help save you
  9. should be able to help you out. I bought thru them C.O.D. via a cashiers check within 24 hours/over night. They don't take credit card orders, unless things have changed. You could get a cash advance and purchase a cashiers check for the purchase price. Does that help you? When you look it up on the internet you will get a bunch of sites, Theirs is the one with the 877- or 866- phone number in it. They are a UST registered company. Later and ahh ... Go RV
  11. Well thats a fine thank you. Will his bowing out allow the RV gates to open or further slow down the process. Politics being as it can be, this demention may go either way. Yes? No?
  12. A very interesting article. A big bummer also. One would hope that Mr Obama, with his Muslim ancestery, would have a slightly greater insight into ME politics than the average American, and thus would have avoided this American styled faux pa.
  13. Great. Any piece of good varifiable news is welcome. One more feather in the RV hat so to speak. Thanks.
  14. THEY are watching us. I see them in their cammo. There is real potential truth to this thread but what can we do about it. We could band together post rv so we can become a force to be recond with. So they will allow us to keep more of what we so patiently earned. Hey my key board just shut ................
  15. Mntnman: Yes it very well may lead from the one to the other. Many of us are familiar with this topic from previous postings of same. It is great to see, if only to keep the memory fresh and hopes high on the subject. I am just hanging in there at this point as a seasoned dinar owner and a VIP member. Thanks.
  16. Hello Sir Adam and knights of his dinar table. LOL. This medevil thing has started just outta my trying to be polite as my parents tought me. Oh well, ha ha. The questions I have are: Regarding EO# 13303 which allows us to be involved with this investment and others in Iraq soon to be expiring this month; when must our imperial leader,Mr Obama, sign its extension? If he does not would we be ok or not, particularily if we only hold dinar at this time? Whats up with the Security MInistry positions, filled or not? Does al-Maliki have to request the Revaluation report from the CBI before IQD ca
  17. Thank you. I will be working during Adams chat though. My shift usually is at the timewhen most of his chats are held. I will email him. Again thanks.
  18. Hello there all. When must our imperial leader, Mr. Obama, extend EO# 13303? On or before the 5/28/11 date?
  19. Mega dittos. WOW. Finally, something interesting and verifiable. What is also great is that democracy is in fact being tested, approved, and used in a reliable way here ( there in Iraq). Encouraging on so many fronts in light of the news that big wigs and guru's are "separating themselves" from things dinar related. More examples like this would be nice. Keep the faith, give the dinar thing over to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and then take joy in what happens after the storm dies down. Go RVVVVVV.
  20. The idea of florida and possibly panama sounds real nice to me. get me a nice beach location with a satleite t.v. system. personally i ain't going anywhere near somolia unless i can buy some lars rockets and a AK with plenty of ammo first. You know say if I should want to go out fishing one day or swimming.
  21. Keep the faith. Don't let circumstances get you down. Remember faith is believing in that which is unseen. To TFK, brother, being a believer, a Christian, you gotta realize one thing, a tight believer, one that gets blessings from God, is the one that takes God with them where ever they go, unashamidly. God is all up in this thing. What about the crooks and such also getting rich or richer on this when it hits you msy ask? Remember what the bible says about allowing His rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike. Now remember the story about the seed sower. Then remember the one about the t
  22. Folks, we can make it a discrete cruise. In the carribean not the India ocean, so screw any pirates. We could stop by Belieze maybe. The risk of "the powers that be" wanting us dead cuz we be rich now, would be a consideration anywhere one or more of us would meet so of course we would have to have our own security ....... OH CRAP SOMEONE JUST BROKE IN MY HOME ...... sorry it was just my pitbull farting. LOL. Anyway, we could rent some Black Water folks or whatever their name is now. When it hits we all will need to be more security minded. Perhaps buy a new home not just because we can, bu
  23. Well if you think about it, its a good way to minimize Iraqi's from being alienated by Iraqi's. It could be a sign of increased trust of the GOI, Something the people and GOI both need. More trust between the GOI and the people of Iraq, less trust/need for those who would destroy them from within. Maliki has been reaching out to other factions that were against the new GOI, why not them. In our own country, thats what the north did to the south after our civil war ended. Gotta see the body though. Proof, to further dis-credit their propaganda machine.
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