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  1. My fortune cookie said - There are riches are headed your way Happy, Blessed New Year to Adam and all who have waited so long.
  2. Adam, Wishing you and yours and all who have waited for so long a Blessed Christmas and a healthy, prosperous new year.
  3. As if 2020 needed more disappointing news? All I can say is God Bless us and keep us safe. Merry Christmas to all new and old that have endured these many years of hope. If hope that is all we have then we are rich already.
  4. I like this new format. It looks great, fantastic job. Everything is crossed and praying for the celebration to be soon
  5. Am I the first to reply, wow that is something. You know Adam, after 10 plus years following this I have to tip my hat to you for your steadfastness. I hope and pray, really I do, that we are close, now more than ever we need to have this journey come to a fruitful end God Bless you and God Bless the USA
  6. In the last 10 years I don't think I've seen you so excited. I hope and pray we are poised to start a new prosperous chapter Thank you Rose Ann
  7. Dear Adam From your lips to Gods ear. Lets get it done and have some fun thank you
  8. I got an email from xchangeofamerica saying that the price for dinar was going up. The supply is dwindling coming out of Iraq. I would think this is a good thing? A sign they at are a point to make a change? I really really hope so, what do you think Rose Ann thank you Adam
  9. Hello Adam, I have been with you for several years now. Hope to meet you soon. I have been wondering about something. At the time the RV actually happens how will the cash in be handled? All denominations all at once or will they put limits on the amounts we can cash in at one time? Will they vary the rates of exchange by denomination? I'm past retirement age now and would really really like to have the ability to live it up while I still can (LOL) Looking forward to the end (of this journey, the start of next one) RoseAnn
  10. Seems like the most encouraging news of the last 10 years thanks for the update have a happy and blessed Easter and hopefully we can all party soon
  11. Thanks for taking the time to update us. I would go into the currency markets but would like a little help. I seriously hope and pray for a prosperous New Year
  12. Adam, I have been with you for several years and I have to say I admire your steadfastness with this project. Your positive attitude has helped when things looked bleak. I had a thought the other night and would like your perspective. Since there are so many thousand investors (I am one) that are breathlessly waiting for the RV. What benefit is it to Iraq to pay out many millions upon millions of dollars to all of us? How can they possibly have enough U.S. dollars on hand for all those who are waiting for the RV? Thank you so much for all your efforts
  13. I like this format, clean, concise, easy to follow. Thanks Adam.
  14. Please tell me why you have deleted me as a member? I have a lifetime platinum status? Thank You Rose Ann
  15. Good Morning, Well that is the most positive post I have seen since I joined 3 years ago. Honesly, I broke down and cried tears of joy, could it possibly be true? What a blessing that would be at this time of my life. Go RV all the way. RoseAnn
  16. Finally, I hope I got it right. Thanks for all you do. Go RV RoseAnn Dinar.htm
  17. Dear Mark, I am so sorry that they put you through that. I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with TD. When I made small purchases it went smoothly but when I made a large purchase they didn't seem to know what to do. I spoke to the same people you spoke to. After a little more than 2 weeks of back and forth emails I told them their time was up and they needed to send me my merchandise or I would take my story to the Dinar Vets forum. I did get my merchandise right after that. Your absolutely right they have acted very unprofessionaly. I have not bought any more from them. I wonder if they are low on dinars or filling really large orders first or holding them waiting for the RV? Enjoy your trip, all will be well after we RV RoseAnn
  18. Why in the world would a tourist be in North Dakota and after the tour the $100 took,it was really just "dirty" money
  19. Hi, I am new as well. I have had some past experience with investments so the concept is not new and it is the best way to advance your financial position during your life time. I am very excited about being a part of this group and believe that this is a trememdous opportunity. I am considered an expert in what I do and I depend on my consultants to keep me up to date on things I don't have time to learn or research. So I am willing to follow the advice of the expert here, Mr Montana. Lead on. RoseAnn
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