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  1. Isn't that nice, isn't that just wonderful...and it doesn't mean jack s**t because we are (and mark my words) going to continue to get unnecessarily f***d over for gas prices for the rest of our lives. Why? because Washington doesn't give to S**ts about what we pay for gas. Period.
  2. That was......AWESOME, and, I go with that!
  3. Unfortunately as of late, I am feeling that there will never be an RV. Unless of course someone out there has absolute irrefutable facts that there must be one.
  4. If you just go to .com, without the classified page, you will see the 1170 rate. sorry
  5. These people are re-God-damn-diculous with their ho;idays...wasn't a possible war plane bombing just reported? But hey.....LET'S PARTY !!!!!!
  6. I believe this says CBI held an auction today?
  7. I really .really want an RV/RI, but I still say there may never be one, because outside of having a more tradable currency, they don't need one.
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