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  1. NOTE: The Federal Reserve is not the US Gov't. The note above that refers to the "Elite" is correct. There are many, many unknowns about the Federal Reserve (basically an independent company/consortium). Yes, (D) Alan Grayson on the video does a great job here staying on point. ® Ron Paul has been all over this issue for years and is usually spot on with his disdain for the Fed. Non of this money is a 'loss' of tax dollars. But the real story/conspiracy is the question with far too much nuance to get into here. TS
  2. Come on, Dude! If you have really been spending time on this board, then you would understand the answer to this 'uninformed' (read BS) claim. It's almost a guarantee that the dinar will RV at some point. If I have cold feet today, I can sell my dinar back to Dinar Trade for about 75% of what I paid for it. Low risk and high reward. Biggest risk is if Iraq were to fall back into sectarian violence of civil war. Please spend 6-12 hours reading on this board and THEN ask questions. Go to: then call them -- it's above board. TS
  3. MYI, RE: You should think about larger issues than just being concerned with yourself. That's called being selfish. There are tremendous economic problems in the world not the least of which exists for the people of Iraq. More than anyone they need to have their country progressing and improving their lives. Their current society is a shambles and the condition is dire for them and has been for many years. They do not deserve to keep suffering. I know their so-called leaders have acted totally selfish and callous towards their own people but hopefully at some point very, very soon they wi
  4. Soldier, Someone said it earlier ... it doesn't really make sense why you torture yourself by coming to this forum. If you keep your dinar, you'll hear about the RV whenever it happens -- somehow. This forum IS NOT good for you. Watch your BP, dude! Two words for you: Anger Management. Look into it and GOOD LUCK! TS
  5. Makes NO difference. The RV that we all anxiously await will not be affected by whether (or not) we think positively. But go ahead anyway, think positively ... Positive, neutral or negative, just hold onto your dinar (unless you are living under the overpass at your nearby interstate highway). For those of you that are extremely positive: BUY MORE! Me? I'm just holding on and waiting, hoping that within the next 3-5 years, we will have an RV of at least 1-1. I'm 45 and that would feather out my financial plan quite nicely. If the RV happens next week, I'm already in ... If it happens nex
  6. ... just keeping you honest ... This is pretty well know phrase when it comes to fact checking (reality check). I see your point, Carla. Best,
  7. If you are in the Denver Metro, I'll give you $925 for the 1M dinar. I prefer to handle personally as well; therefore I probably wouldn't travel outside of Denver Metro. Ft Collins is fairly close for me though as I'm in North Denver. I believe Ali will give you $880. Plus you'll have some shipping costs. Let me know. Just email me privately. Thanks,
  8. I am in CO -- Denver Metro. What is the pricing that you will accept?
  9. Carla, I didn't say he is dishonest; just that he needs to be more thorough in his research. He wasn't posting his opinion. He was reposting a published report as fact, which is shown (proven) to be incorrect.
  10. Q, Email rumor claims the health care bill imposes a 3.8% sales tax on all real estate transactions beginning in 2013. Qman, Another urban legend posted by you: Just keeping you honest ... please be more thorough in your research.
  11. I am a new investor myself ... I don't believe anyone was being critical of you, PS. Many people have put a great deal of time into illustrating the 'reasoning' behind the pending RV and, with a little digging, it is all accessible on the forum. See the document by Scooter pinned TODAY in chats. Then begin to review the information on fractional banking followed by oil reserves and oil futures. If there was a frustrated tone in any previous emails, it is due to the fact that this question has been asked and answered many times on this forum and it's not the 'job' of those involved on this f
  12. Yes, you can put dinar into your IRA or Roth IRA. I've done it. There's a link on the website to help. It's a bit time consuming (and it will cost about $200 in fees) but, really, it's no problem. Entrust is the company that will help you set it up and they are listed on Ali's site. Personally, I converted an old 401K money market account for a couple M dinar. That way, no tax is due on RV as Roth proceeds after age 59.5 are non-taxable.
  13. Vet, Regarding ... Here we go someone who does not see that the Federal Deficit has increased from 10.6 Trillion to 13.6 Trillion since the first day Obama took office until today.... Its sheep that keep their blinders on and keep thinking Obama can do no wrong... And to make themselves feel better they go back to the old blame Bush copout, which really doesn't work because the 3.6 Trillion increase has all come from bills that Obama has signed into law none that Bush signed... I don't disagree that the growing national debt is a major concern. My question was why was it minimized during t
  14. If one now needs to make this a political chatroom, then I submit that I completely disagree as this is virtually complete BS. AND, this concern for outrageous debt was never voiced during the previous administration ... when the building blocks for the current budget deficit (and national debt) were laid GO RV. Go away fear mongering ...
  15. This question is regarding the conversation surrounding the possibility of having 90 days in which to 'cash in' large denominations in order for the CBI to remove them from circulation simultaneous to RV and or distribution of smaller denominations. Question: How or why would this affect me and the dinar that I have in hand? Couldn't I just exchange large denoms for smaller denoms with Ali or my local bank and then hold that in case I perceive that an initial RV rate will go up? Thanks,
  16. Put them in a home safe (or safe deposit box at your bank of choice).
  17. Hey Sat ... My experience was different. Christina at Entrust was pretty patient with me and I was able to convert an old qualified 401K plan with a former employer to a conventional IRA and then Entrust helped me convert that immediately to a Roth IRA. You may want to look at this again (if you can wait for your money) as the money in a Roth appreciates tax free and all distributions after age 59.5 are also tax free. I have both dinar in hand and the Roth IRA. NOTE: This is a bit time consuming: 2-3 weeks, although the duration would be less if you are simply beginning an IRA or already
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