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  1. They've offered no guarantees and, in fact, Sonny has admitted that he's been wrong many times. Your note infers that you think this is a 'slam dunk'. You may want to re-think that and do further research. TS
  2. Thanks, Tiff ... pretty simple research, really. At least when you know where to look. I learned this about 5 years ago and I was amazed at how simple the underbelly of the internet is. The person who owns DV certainly knows this as well. He has a profit model, volunteer mods and very little overhead for running this site. He will consistently need to replace the vast majority of visitors to this site because most people won't have the patience or attention span to keep their 'dream' alive. This reality is evidenced on this site by the fact that most posters were not members a year ago. As s
  3. The person who owns this site has a nice business, selling VIP memberships and taking advantage of other revenue streams that the average internet marketer normally tries to capitalize upon. The IQD may RV. But in order to better understand the field on which you stand, you need to look at internet traffic. Traffic here is decent. See to review all the traffic trends of DV ... On it you will find some of your observations supported here as men over 45 tend to be conservative. Especially childless, non college graduates. The 6,746 most popular (most visited) website in the US,
  4. This is the same thing he said last year! Isn't there anyone on here anymore that remembers Aug, Sept and Oct of 2010? Don't any of you remember T-minus 85 days and counting ... counting down to Dec 31 2010? How is Frank still relevent? TS
  5. It appears from the developments of the last 6 months that dinar holders will have to wait until sometime in 2013 (at the very earliest) to see an RV. Unlike the 'opinion' that the owner of this site is advancing, there is NO evidence that we'll see something this Thanksgiving (or by next Thanksgiving for that matter). The owner of this site has given no supporting evidence of this claim. If I were speaking with him personally, I'd ask him to cite two sources that show any indication that the IQD will RV this year. There is no evidence, just ginned up hope. The withdrawal of US Troops should
  6. Sold. Thanks, Jeanne! See you Monday ... TS
  7. Selling 3M IQD, purchased from Dinar Trade. All currency 25K, uncirculated notes. I'm in the Denver Metro area, so that would probably be easier ... but we can arrange anything securely through PayPal or by other means. Prefer to sell to one buyer. Asking $3,047 for the entire 3M. If interested, please email and I'll contact you. Email: TS
  8. Staying away from the usual back and forth ... the original essay seems correct (to me) in stating that the withdrawal of US troops is a good thing. People on this site love to make this into a political rant, but it makes sense that if Iraq can stand on her own, then IQD investors will have a real shot at the type of return that the owner of DV detailed last week (maybe a $0.25 RV). If Iraq indeed goes to hell, then there's your answer. You've got to believe that the US has some sort of backup plan for Iraq (undiscussed in public). And you've got to believe that the US wouldn't make this move
  9. Negative is usually in the eye of the beholder. If your intent is to create a more homogeneous group, then I think you will succeed. If your intent is to create a more pointed discussion with more critical thinking, then I'll think you'll be surprised by what you get. I've always been amused by how willing people on this site are to 'bite'. There is usually a clear signal by a given poster that he/she is trying to engender a knee-jerk reaction and inflame the general group here at DV. As intended, the audience here rarely disappoints. On the other hand, it seems clear that many people on DV,
  10. Not sure what makes you believe that the "RV is an absolute" ... even Adam will admit to the possibility that an RV may not occur. Once you have been on here for six months or more, you may see things more clearly. All information falls into one category: uncertain. Plain and simple. Nothing has proven to be true. Nothing. TS
  11. Of course you are RIGHT ON ... but 90% of the people on this board just will not get that. Maybe more than 90% ... Thanks though, TS
  12. Due to your quick response, it's obvious that you didn't really watch (any of) it. It's possible that you are correct, but there's no way for you to know that. TS
  13. As a piece of the world economic puzzle, see the following link. You can decide how you interpret this information re: the RV of the IQD. Either way, I believe it will be worth your time. Stick with it all the way through ... TS
  14. I've listened to several of Breitling's shows and the more you listen, the less things really make sense. He contradicts himself frequently. The thing that always struck me as odd is that he often refers to the fact that he's doing the show from his garage. It's difficult to see what he adds to the conversation; therefore, the idea that he may be profitting from the sale of IQD thru BH probably isn't that far fetched. Plus, anyone who dismisses the possibility of an LOP out of hand isn't really paying attention. Even the guy who founded DV admits that it's possible. TS
  15. If only more people on this site were this wise, Gasket ... Heart attack is right! 50 cents would be absolutely incredible. TS
  16. Trust me, Hawke and Bubbe, you guys are wasting your breath (fingers) advancing your philosophy on this site. The average IQ here is about a 74, so nothing reasonable ever sinks in. And, no, Obama's September plan doesn't include RV. Gimme a break. TS
  17. I feel that when an individual brings up the plus' (+) and minus' (-) that can be attributed to the various threads and comments here, this reveals a persons' true focus for posting. I guess this scorekeeping mechanism has some merit, but it is 'easy' to see that many people here post comments just to raise his/her green marks. To this practice I say, "get a life". No, I didn't neg you, Granny. I couldn't care less. TS
  18. To re-state what has been said many times: No one has ever been able to give credible evidence that the government owns IQD (or that the IQD will 'save' our economy). TS
  19. It's just food for thought, Alex. If you don't like it, don't read it. The 'reaction' is exactly what most people who post on this site are looking for whether you believe one way or another. The person in question raises some good questions (points), ones that you, Alex, have not come close to addressing. Others have been better at addressing dissenting 'concerns'. Give it a rest for Christ sake!
  20. SSHHH, Networth, you are hurting my position ... PLEASE!! Ok, QL, I'll give you 3-1 odds. Since NW has reiterated a bit of history, let's go 3-1 just so you don't get scared off. TS
  21. QuietLearner offered the amount (admittedly not to me). I just accepted. His/her terms. He/she has all the days through 9/15/2011. As for you, Dog, we'll have to do a thorough background check before allowing you to hold the IQD wagered ;-) ... I'd probably give 2-1 odds, but I expect that QL will quietly decline. TS
  22. I'm IN for 1 million dinar (with me postulating that it will NOT RV by 11:59pm -- USA PDT -- 9/15/2011). Mark it down. We can trade contact info later, even plan for an uninterested 3rd party to hold the IQD until Sept 15. Before you respond, please remember that "an opportunity not ventured, is an opportunity missed" ... I'm in Colorado. TS
  23. The 500 or 1,000 dinar coin is difficult to understand. If it RV's at 1-1, then what is a person going to do with the equivalent of a $500 or $1,000 coin? If it LOP's, then the same question applies. If nothing changes, then one would still have to carry around a backpack full of 1,000 dinar coins in order to get a weeks worth of groceries ...
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