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  1. Per don't promote other sites: All, I’ve heard this from a few people that CNBC may have jumped the gun and announced Maliki as the PM, when they were probably suppose to announce it tomorrow. Anyone on here see that same thing? Keep a close eye out on the major news networks over the next 24 hours to verify this information. Thank you! Go PM… Go Seated Government… Go Dinar! don't promote other sites
  2. Thanks for sharing! Very insightful! As far as a secret...I agree....the masses still have no clue about it....
  3. First, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Now, only you can decide what to do in your situation, but I would definitely do some homework, read up on what is happening and DON'T base your decision on what is being said on the boards...although there is very inciteful information here. Like another person said, only invest what you can afford to lose. Just start out slow if you must. We are behind you all the way and I will keep you in my prayers my friend. Please keep us informed with your decision.
  4. I just finished reading this too... Very interesting....
  5. When in doubt, move on....that's my motto.. There are many trust-worthy sites out there. In the meantime...consider that site as spam so that it will not go to your inbox. Also make sure that if you are signed up, that you unsubscribe from them.
  6. Good point! Believe me as some of you may or may not know, big fortune 500 companies have invested and even presidents....presidents of what?...I do not know, but I have faith that this will come into fruition soon. We just have to be patient and not get too entangled on rumors. Go RV!
  7. Thanks Rich! I have my seatbelt on and I am now waiting patiently.... Wish you well my friend....
  8. I did countless homework and reviewed this site and others, but this site by far is the best! Talked to family members who invested and most importantly, prayed and believed that I have made the right decision for me and my family. Thanks for the informative posts guys! I should have my dinars in my hand tomorrow at work! woo-hoo!!! Now, let's RV this sucka!!!!!!
  9. Yep, this definitely helps! I also looked at Safe Dinar and they will deliver to where you work and that is key for me because I know that I won't be home during the week to get my dinars. SD also said that saturday delivery is even possible depending on where you live. Thanks buddy! LOL..."talked to me like I was a terrorist"...I fell out laughing when I read that...but thanks..I may check with them, but they are so busy going through their transition of acquiring Wachovia, that they may treat me like a terrorist too..LOL!!! In fact, I do have one near me, but do I have to open an account with them in order to purchase?
  10. Awesome...thanks for the information.. I bank at wells, I would have to ask them about that... Thanks!
  11. Absolutely. Gotta look out for #1, that's for sure. However, seven years, I personally know that I probably wouldn't have thought about investing because of the war. Everything goes in cycles and I believe that things will eventually turn around. But investing only a few hundred dollars isn't going to break me my friend...that I do know. I have thought about it and prayed about it and I think I am ready to dive in. Thank you for honesty and I wish you well too!
  12. Oh yeah, I know that...and that is why I haven't done anything since my sister told me back in early spring of this year.. However, it makes sense to me and now that I have come into extra money(thank God), I believe this is a perfect time for me to invest. Believe me the only thing that is guaranteed is death and taxes.... But no one has promised me anything and I am almost 39 years old and not a fool...LOL!! Thanks for looking out my friend..wish you well in your future endeavors!
  13. i will look into that...thanks really appreciate it...thanks!
  14. Newb here.. I was told about the dinar by my siste a few months ago. Her church invested in it and their pastor said that is only a matter of time... And now, my brother has invested I am thinking about making the jump too... What site(s) do you recommend I buy the dinar from? Also, with a COD purchase, how long does it take to received the dinar? Thanks!
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