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  1. Sources: al-Maliki, President of the Republic after the infallible to travel outside Iraq for treatment! Under section: political Dated: September 13, 2014 Baghdad / Iraq News Network Informed sources report about the health of President Fuad Masum, and suffering from a chronic disease that must be treated outside Iraq. She sources that operate close to the president's family that "health report to the President Fuad Masum, proved that he is suffering from a disease chronic, in addition to the health problems in the heart, ".oaodhawwa that" the president's family submitted a request to the competent authorities in the Iraqi parliament, stating that the President infallible travel for treatment outside Iraq, "and argued that" may be the trip long as they need treatment for chronic illness ". It For their part, political sources knowledgeable about the sharp differences erupted between the Vice President of the Republic, the first Nuri al-Maliki, and the second Osama Najafi, and the third, Iyad Allawi, on the back of news the President's travel infallible. She said the sources, after "make sure three vice-presidents that travel infallible will be long-term what he needs treatment, he became the situation requires to be first deputy his Nouri al-Maliki, President of the Republic until the return infallible ", noting that" objection MPs second and third led to the outbreak of the great differences between them, ".olm describes the sources as a result of the differences, and what the outcome of the situation and Sinop all infallible until his return.
  2. I've had access to my online account all weekend. I bank with BMO Harris.
  3. LMAO You made made the juice I was drinking come out my nose. Dang that burns. :-0
  4. Here's my proof. I'll be waiting for my badge.
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