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  1. this all sounds just like an opinion and speculation like the rest of this investment...you sayd facts about cbi and lower denoms...well there has been no proof of those....they have (cbi) also has said redenomination...fact...they have also said the new currency will have the kurdish handwriting on it...fact.....this theory about introducing lower denom while collecting the higher ones is purely specualtion is it not and its how the gurus are interpeting the articles this way...bottom line cbi has gone back and forth about redenominating and not redenominating...so no one really knows what wi
  2. nobody knows if there will be a window to cash in...regardless they can rv anytime from now til end of year and we will still be fine...they can rv dec 1..doesnt mean we cant cash out then or before dec 31st or into 2011...but i will be cashing no matter what before 2011 to avoid the tax hike...of course if they extend the tax cuts for everyone then it wont matter.
  3. i understand your response but as far as you saying lop in the first post it doesnt make sense...thats not how a lop (redenomination) works i thought....everyone here always knew or thought lop is very bad news.
  4. i was thinking the same thing rich...phoenix, how is a lop/rv good news?....i said thats what i think would happen and i got bashed for it but you are getting praised for it....wouldnt a lop not be what we wanted...sure we may double or triple or even break even but a lop/rv is not what we want. right?
  5. lol of course you want him to be correct...everyone does...nobody knows what will happen...everything is SPECULATION....they have mad a bunch of statements that go back and forth...they have even said they could keep this rate for another 5 yrs...they say removal of zeros then they say no removal of zeros...so again i want the best as much as you but nobody knows what will happen. period!!! all the gurus intel has been way off and nobody has been right....only scooter has brought forth anything real to this investment...without him im sure a lot of people would have given up by now..thanks sco
  6. thx keepm for clearing this up...i hate when people get all mad when redenomination (lop) is mentioned......it can go either way and we are all hoping for the best outcome....a redenomination is not out of the picture at all and could be done...could.....i as well as you want a straight up rv.....this article posted is misinterpreted by a few people.....all we can do is wait and see what they do. nobody has verified if the smaller bills are in the banks or not..its all hearsay and not a fact...and the way you described it is what gurus are interpreting about these articles...it can go that
  7. are you sure about that...look at his reputation...its in the negatives for a reason....of course thats how you see it because thats how you want to see it...where does it say smaller denominations...it says new currency (redenomination) ......look back at other articles where the cbi has stated themselves that they will redenominate and your 1000 old dinar would be turned in for 1 new dinar not...hense removal of 3 zeros....nobody knows what will happen..nobody....we get conflicting articles all the time...what the pumpers have said about the revalue has never happened before in the history o
  8. thats good..stay positive....im not sayingit wont rv...im hoping for the best as well...im just sayin im taking this article as saying that it will rv and rd at same time...im not sayin this article is true im just giving my opinion on what i think it means.
  9. lol who said they couldnt...god are you able to comprehend....u said the removal of zeros was taking the 3 zeros off the value of the currency. so from .0085 to .85 and this is not what the article stated at all....it said removal of the zeros from currency...im not saying it wont rv im saying you interpreted the article wrong. bottom line.
  10. the post you quoted looks like a statement by someone not tied with the cbi....like an opinion what he thinks needs to happen....it also says new currency and again there have been articles by the cbi saying redenomination which is bad news.
  11. you dont need a link just look at the news section on here...more than one person on here already stated this is old and has been on here before.
  12. he is wrong...thats not what it means...the article says removal of zeros from currency and not the value.....so it means removal of the large bills.
  13. lol i could care less just posted that on their website....its been posted here before that so do some research before you respond...this same article has been posted here already a few times
  14. lmao...thats what my post said before that...your other post said taking off the 3 zeros from the value which is not what the article says at all. it says removal of the aeros from currency which is removal of the gig notes such as 25,000 and 10,000....learn to read
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