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  1. Truthful1 why are you here? Your post is not one of an investor or speculator. It looks to be one of lambast. My belief in this speculation has nothing to do with oil, gold, debt, etc. it has to do with power. I'm done.
  2. I agree with Ms Layne this is good. Could be another signal. However, I still believe no one in Iraq will set, or has control over the RV or the money. This all is way above any of their pay grades. Period
  3. Thank you all for the input. I did not mean to convey the idea I did not believe in this country because of the dollar value. I would like to add I believe greatly in the american person, not the government they are cowardly lying thieves that will send our men and women off to die for oil, for a pipeline, for the control of drugs and call it patriotism to do so. We need our people home period. We have oil we have gas we have the smartest people in the world, and that is where our value truly is. But the gov is trying to make us all stupid and pit us against each other. They are getting it don
  4. First time to start a topic. Own IQD since 05, see it all. Read and I don't post. But I trade, currency, stock, metals, anything i think i have an edge. I'd trade bumpers underwear if i thought i could make .36 cents. And in trading I need to read. Sept 6 China told the world that you can buy oil using the yuan. This is a big deal. Sept 7 Russia sold China oil for yuan. Russia is oil producer #1 not the house of Saud. My thought to you thinking readers is could the IQD rv be tied to the US dollar death. If the world starts breaking away from the petro dollar, and the biggest commercial powers
  5. WANT TO BUY ,,,,WANT TO OWN ,,, WTF Sorry did this on phone didnt catch.
  6. Want to buy 1/2 million KC Missouri or Springfield Missouri. Using federal reserve notes. Cash.
  7. +1 Great post heavy. Been in since 05 just started to post a little. We have watched a lot of drama, people have come and gone. Hopefully in the process people have learned something.
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