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  1. What is really sad is that there are people out there who think this guy is real. How sad is that? Scares me to think people are so gullible.
  2. I know someone who has consistently said the HCL will not be passed until after the rate change. He said that if the HCL was passed and the contracts and payments to the people were activated at the current rate and THEN the CBI changed the rate it would be an accounting disaster stopping all contracts and payments until amendments for the rate change could be made. So he is saying we will first see the rate change and right after the HCL will be passed.
  3. I know someone who says the HCL cannot be passed until AFTER the RV. Says it would mess up the payments to the people and the contracts to pass the HCL and then afterwords change the rate. So RV first, then the HCL.
  4. Relatively strong? He is the leader of 2 million man strong militia! They are all armed! If he would not have told his followers to stand down the US Surge would have failed! With one word this man can plunge all of Iraq into massive civil war.
  5. Fire in the basement at the JP Morgan Gold Warehouse on Wall Street? Why so many Firetrucks? This is supposedly where JP Morgan keeps their gold. The very same gold that has been dwindling down at astonishing rates lately. JP Morgan warehouse 100 feet below CMP 1 on Wall Street.Tons of Fire Trucks and even Ambulances on the scene. JPM Eligible Gold Plummets By 66% In One Day To Just Over 1 Tonne, Total Gold At Fresh All Time Low.
  7. Special Agent Gibbs is a woman who goes by the name Miskebaum who started and owns Okie's forum plus a few others, She post under a few separate names on many forums
  8. Then you should sell all of your dinar right now and buy more in 1 year 11 months. Or are just full of it talking crap?
  9. So far we have down: Sat-Sun Citizens Chase RBS (UK) Barclays (UK) FNB West America Bank RBC (Canada) Regions Citibank Santander (UK) ORNL Suncorp (AU) Sun Trust Sat-Mon Loyds (UK) Tues-Wed First Financial Space Coast Credit Union
  10. What Happened To The Kuwaiti Dinar in 1991 Read more:
  11. Something that is listened to by desperate people while being recorded by the Feds. Big Call = Wire Fraud.
  12. Wow...calling for the death of a duly elected world leader on a public forum? You are now on someones list.
  13. I have been calling banks all day about this. When they ask me who told them to call I say "Okie Oil Man of D inar Recaps. This way they can go to Recaps and read the hot intel themselves. I bet I told 20 banks this today.
  14. Some of you people on this forum are total assholes who have nothing but a negative outlook.
  15. This is just one city! Damage to Baghdad during the Iraq War Body count
  16. "Be prepared to be surprised" LOL...I knew I had just read that somewhere. Look at the last line here:
  17. @ .10 I would cash in enough to be debt free with a little extra and hold the rest.
  18. BAM! and with those articles big mouth "know it alls" from all across dinar land are proven to be total idiots once again. Kaperoni and Ennorsite are going to curl up into the fetal position today and suck their thumbs as they cry like babies.
  19. I listen to all of Phoenix's shows and when he was covering this he said 3 years ago when they found this they tried to debunk it so they sent an e-mail to the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and asked if the info on that page was current and correct and he said to his surprise 3 days later the Ministry of Planning answered the e-mail saying YES it was all current and correct! He said he was just as much surprised they answered the e-mail as he was the info was accurate!
  20. From the above made up post: "It was apparent at the meeting that Maliki was stepping back and not really in control any longer" From TODAY'S NEWS: Maliki warns Gazprom work in Kurdistan until the adoption of the law of oil and gasStarted by yota691, Today, 10:40 AM Read more: Iraq, Russia agree to open Baghdad-Moscow airlineStarted by k98nights, Today, 07:15 AM "The Iraqi delegation which is visiting Russia currently
  21. Agree with you Super Girl. This nonsense should not be posted. This person "Mtngoat" made claims just 2-3 days ago that were impossible. Claiming people were meeting in Iraq who were not even in the country at he time and one who even has an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol for terrorism. This type of BS lies is outrageous. ANYTHING posted at D inar R ecaps is so suspect I use it as a litmus test. IF I hear something and it is NOT posted at D inar R ecaps then it may be true and I look into it more. But if it IS posted there I disregard the info as nothing
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