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  1. if you're not Mary, then are you groovegal/Justhopin?
  2. Great article groovegal/JustHopin/Oklahoma. Thanks for the links to your new site
  3. 27 September 2010 Revival of the New Iraq is the best kept secret in world finance Hussein Al-Uzri, Chairman and President of Trade Bank of Iraq assesses the potential of the Iraqi economy and the development of trade. The entire world loves a stereotype, even when it is based on an assumption that is no longer true. When you watch television news or open the pages of a newspaper, the stereotype they like to show of Iraq is of a country still at war. The reality is very different and much more hopeful. For a whole lot of reasons – not least its priceless oil riches - Iraq is becoming the
  4. Thanks for the post phoenix. It's good to know that there are people in this world who bring light and different views to this subject. Too many people are downers. No matter what someone has to offer, the nay sayers can come out of the woodwork with their nasty remarks and their quick response to try and bring people down to their level. So, thanks again, I try to keep an open mind whenever an opportunity presents itself. I'm not into tin foil hats but I don't bury my head in the sand either. So, thanks for the heads up with that stuff to . Also fiscal year is as follows For example, the Un
  5. googled and found this
  6. Thanks for this post. When the RV/Reinstatement happens, we better watch out for the bad guys. Imagine people finding out you're a millionaire and theives especially. I would think that they would try to get personal information if they could. Guess its better to remain under the radar if ya know what I'm sayin.
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