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  1. When Iraq RV's, they will have plenty of spending money to hire Merc's to take care of these kind of inconveniences, I don't see their Army stepping up to do to much of the dirty work and pay the price to fight for themselves. They will do what the rest of the rich Arab's do, pay to have their problems to be taken care of. The US has been training their army and police forever, but you cant coach heart. Maybe when they actually get some real freedom and a solvent currency they will have more to fight for.

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  2. Maliki to Obama during the meeting,


    I had tried to contact you through your email and website but kept getting kicked out, everytime I clicked a function button I was bumped?  Your phone kept putting me on hold with information about the Affordable Health Care Act and how the glitches were getting worked out.


    So I thought I would show up in person, Oh by the way can I get free health care for the people of Iraq  too ?


    No..... Im out of here.

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  3. Wow, I didn't see this until now and Im shocked. Certainly a loss no matter how you look at it or which point of view you have, he provided research and stats routinely, but his opinions were genuine.  He truly cared about how he was perceived and clarified his outlook if it offended someone, he backed his standpoint on the information. Truly a good guy who had a positive Christian outlook and who left a legacy that is going to be missed. He touched a lot of people I think even more than he might have known.


    I guess his final message to me is " who you are, your words, your message, Christian believes make an impact on other's lives"


    This has been quite a week Poof passed away recently as well

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  4. The other QE's did not work this one wont either, they are forced to continue this and will continue to do QE's until it all collapses. They have been running up the debts on the war on poverty which is a failed thought and even worse in practice ever since the 70's on entitlements, welfare and foodstamps. Now there are more people on entiltements that demand even more money, none the less our spent Social Security, Medicare etc. even for those who have not paid into these programs.

    The house of cards gets bigger, and we are doing it during Hurricane season. Sucks, per your earlier articles buy Gold and Silver.

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  5. Well point taken Keep.

    I actually look at like this, if it is opinion and not backed up with something of substance than it is exactly that opinion. This applies to just about everyone on the forum there are some opinions I really pay attension to like Adams and handful of others. These guys who are for the most part producing documentation consistantly, ie news hounds etc register much more leadway.

    But at the end of the day it is opinion, the investment is generally a speculative researched gamble based on some hopefully quality educated guesses after gathering as much data as you can.

    Kap's articles are brought to the forum, he doesnt post here at least from what Ive seen, the information is brought over I like it because some have articles and the rest needs a link to back it up which makes it fun hunting them up. honestly I find them sometimes others I dont, but I like the info and opinion.

    So is taking what he says enough for me only? No, everyone's opinion is just that an assumption. needs to be correlated with something of substance.

    But half of our science books and extrapulated theories are not proven either. But some can be close enough to build a bomb that works.

    There is substance in a lot of these threads, eat the fish spit out the bones.

    Yes I do still appreciate your posts, backed with facts even if it has been demonstrated before it adds to the credibility of what you say. it resonates as fact not of opinion, or sarcasm and if it is a fact than yes I really want to here it. As many posts as you take on though holy cow that would be a full time job and I know your already spending a lot of time on here.

    have a good one.

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  6. Ohhh this actually explains a lot..... you never post. ever, just question, challenge etc. the rational makes more sense now. Dont bring anything to the table just challenge. Interesting phylosophy.

    Well one challenge for you Keep. Just Post I would love to here more of your opinion and I mean that but with articles and something that you bring to the table. Not just beating up someone who is trying.

    It is a lot harder to provide research and data I promise. which is why I dont post. so you can come right back at me for that I guess.

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  7. Warning please do not feed the Lopsters.

    Feeding Lopster's will build their dependence on them returning for free information and thus they will not be able to search for articles etc. on their own. ie feed themselves and unfortunatly leads to starvation.

    Again please do not feed the Lopsters

    Thank You.

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  8. I would really like to see negative ratings directly correlate to someone remaining on the site. Keep has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to offend posters. Please put in place some system that allows Keep to be restrained. He has been out of control. If its not the negs system what is it, If it is the pos / neg system what is the number to get him off of here, or restrain him. Please give us a number so at least we have something to look forward too.

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