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  1. When Iraq RV's, they will have plenty of spending money to hire Merc's to take care of these kind of inconveniences, I don't see their Army stepping up to do to much of the dirty work and pay the price to fight for themselves. They will do what the rest of the rich Arab's do, pay to have their problems to be taken care of. The US has been training their army and police forever, but you cant coach heart. Maybe when they actually get some real freedom and a solvent currency they will have more to fight for.
  2. I take it as another step closer to the US dollar losing Reserve Currency Status.
  3. Maliki to Obama during the meeting, I had tried to contact you through your email and website but kept getting kicked out, everytime I clicked a function button I was bumped? Your phone kept putting me on hold with information about the Affordable Health Care Act and how the glitches were getting worked out. So I thought I would show up in person, Oh by the way can I get free health care for the people of Iraq too ? No..... Im out of here.
  4. I watched it, I think its important to understand what the real meaning of Tolerance is, blanket tolerance of all cultures being pushed on Americans now is ignorant not racist, a better / true understanding of what some of these values are is important. Lets pull back the curtain and see it all.
  5. Wow, I didn't see this until now and Im shocked. Certainly a loss no matter how you look at it or which point of view you have, he provided research and stats routinely, but his opinions were genuine. He truly cared about how he was perceived and clarified his outlook if it offended someone, he backed his standpoint on the information. Truly a good guy who had a positive Christian outlook and who left a legacy that is going to be missed. He touched a lot of people I think even more than he might have known. I guess his final message to me is " who you are, your words, your message, Christian believes make an impact on other's lives" This has been quite a week Poof passed away recently as well
  6. Hey Edavis I live in the Pinellas area, can you send me an email, with your contact info interested in talking to you about it.
  7. Yeah this is enough for me to make the switch, afterall they have been shown to have one of the highest extended derivative risk in banking. They are a house of cards anyway need to switch.
  8. Yup Bad news.... well only if your looking for RV in the next year or so. Maliki is a puppet but is off the leash and needs restrained but that just takes more time. how long who knows.
  9. "Raising taxes to spur on the economy makes as much sense as a man standing in a box trying to lift himself by lifting the box. paraphrasing Winston Churchill
  10. Her picture almost makes it look like a Halloween article, as the Ghoul, her statments make its sound like a five y/o who does not understand what get ready or you will be late to school means.
  11. If you dont pay for it, nobody owes it to you. Sorry thats the storey of America when it was great, earn your own living and stop taking it from working people. Socialism stops working when you run out of other peoples money.
  12. The other QE's did not work this one wont either, they are forced to continue this and will continue to do QE's until it all collapses. They have been running up the debts on the war on poverty which is a failed thought and even worse in practice ever since the 70's on entitlements, welfare and foodstamps. Now there are more people on entiltements that demand even more money, none the less our spent Social Security, Medicare etc. even for those who have not paid into these programs. The house of cards gets bigger, and we are doing it during Hurricane season. Sucks, per your earlier articles buy Gold and Silver.
  13. PTguy

    To Adam

    I Love the Lopster Tank I Love it Thanks Adam.
  14. Adam Thanks for the Chat today, and for the comments in the thread. Very Welcome and much well received here.
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