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  1. Yes I agree this is not referring to Iraqs budget which has already been passed.
  2. As the time goes by it is harder and harder to believe we will see a return in this investment. Now there are contracts being signed and debts being paid and work already in process in Iraq. One can only wonder how will they pay for all this. I can't help but think we ( the investors) are the ones who are paying for these contracts and budget with our US Dollar that we keep pumping in to Iraq. They do not seem to be worried about any consequences and are determined to not let anyone push them around. I thought that with such a huge budget, they would need to revalue, but they will probably jus
  3. You can go to and go to the quotes tab. That will open up the live rates, and you will have to add the USD/IQD at the bottom.
  4. I've invested in the Dinar in Dec of 2009 back when they were for certain going to RV and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity. Since then I have spent almost every day at least 1 or 2 hours reading articles and spending time on chat waiting for someone like Scooter to make my day a little better. Lately I have been taking longer and longer breaks in between my article reading time. One thing I have noticed is this is just like a soap opera. You can not watch it for a month and when you come back to check on it it is excactly where you left off and you didn't miss a thing. Now obviousl
  5. Feb 2 is my birthday. It sure would be a great present if it RV'd. I would take a beer too.
  6. I also have wondered about this. It seems that Iraq is in no hurry to help their country. Not only is the newly elected government starting to fall apart, but the state of the country itself is not improving. There was a short period of time right after they announced the government that the bombing and killing has been to a minimum. Now 1 month later it seems to be picking up. It seems nothing is stable in Iraq right now and if they were to revalue and not be ready for all possabilities of what could happen, the country of Iraq could implode. This is the thing that scares me. I really need th
  7. While I appreaciate the post and your thoughts, there are just as many speculative thoughts and facts that point to your theory as there is for the theory of it being possible. While you may be good with math and economics, you do no work for the govt of Iraq and are in their meetings, and have no idea what their plans are. Not bashing, just stating that everything is speculative. EVERYTHING.
  8. Not sure what to tell you on this one. I do know that the GET team has laid out many false claims, but someday they will get one right if they keep grasping at it.
  9. Real or not, I will take some encouraging news right now in this insane world. Thanks for your post.
  10. I know its in revelations.. I would have to look up the verse though.
  11. I've been an investor in the dinar since middle of 2009 and I had no clue there was even any forums about this till middle of 2010. I would always call my Uncle and ask him what the new news was. Christmas came around in 2009 and everyone was certain it would happen within days. I was so excited and started making plans for how I could make this investment last me for the rest of my life. Then months went by and there were spotty rumors here and there which had good intel to back them up. (Excluding TK). So I decided to get an account and hop on chat and check it out. The people there are very
  12. What the heck is a watermelon in Iraq. It obviously is not a large melon that is greatly consumed in the summer time in the US.
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