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  1. I don't see a problem here. The thong offers as much protection as any other mask out there.......
  2. yes, we must shut down those evil oil producing countries for their own good due to climate change.....🙄
  3. ^^^^pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow^^^^ great vid GypsyGirl11
  4. oh and Dinarrock, of course you're entitled to your opinion.....
  5. right there with ya Pitcher. This is a do or die, maybe once in a lifetime scenario. Apes are hanging on! I don't know if I believe some of these astronomical numbers some are saying as to the end value but if we hang on we should all do well. bought more today as a matter of fact....
  6. wow, you kinda went off the deep end huh.....and I'm the farthest from a liberal you'll ever see. chill out man. you've seen his vids and didn't like them and yet you watch them and comment how much of a bs'er he is. Does that make any sense????
  7. If you don't like the vids, don't watch. See, simple enough..
  8. next 7 vids by Lou. Great always with Lou..**Language**
  9. Lou was saying 1700-2100 I believe
  10. normal trades are T+2. Trade day+2 days.....
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