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  1. markb57

    AZ Gov.

    MacMillian, nice.....
  2. I bought and watched that series. repeatedly. It really does hit home. Actually way to close to home which is why it was not extended, for "budget" reasons....??
  3. It's good we can have a good sense of humor over this....
  4. Obama has utter contempt for this country.......what an embarrassment
  5. Cherysh A financial advisor is good to have but you really want to talk to a Tax Attorney on this size investment
  6. The trust has nothing to do with taxes. It is for asset management and protection.
  7. The IRS will have a field day with you if you really believe that.
  8. less the 35% capitol gains of course.......
  9. Ordered mine from Ali wed and got it this morning. I was originally quoted the long wait time too.
  10. Tummy Scratches??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Excellent post. Wish they would follow it.
  12. Yea, like you liberal's calling anyone that doesnt agree with Obama a Racist.... I'm done with this banter with you rman. It hurts my head to much to keep having to dumb myself down to your level to keep this thing going.
  13. ya gotta love todays socia, I mean democrats. We're all just one big happy family, right?
  14. careful there aj, your showing your liberal ignorance. if YOU knew what it was, you would think it to be scary too for this country. I am actually hearing this a lot from people that actually believe socialism is a good thing. Very sad for this country.
  15. Yes, but the " spooky " part is that you don't think it is.
  16. Hey, y'all over there near the big DNR post? There's some good dove hunting all around there.
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