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  1. I fear our crypto will be short lived investment in the US. The infrastructure bill that was just passed has a killer tax on crypto. All the exchanges will be required to send 1099's to you and the IRS so capital gains, both realized AND unrealized can be taxed.
  2. yeah, those crates of dem ballots were stuck on the cargo ships from china waiting to be unloaded
  3. I would love to get 5 figures but that might be too risky. we'll just wait and see how things happen. there are still folks screaming for 100K-500k. I just don't see it but I could be wrong....we wait.
  4. like uncle lou says, this will be interesting. WATCH YER BACKS FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. with AMC, just like the dinar, there's not much more to be said. We wait and hold...
  6. markb57


    you can still buy it on uphold
  7. Hedgies................
  9. apologies Umbertino. I assumed your gender as male when I said yessir. I don't know if your male or female.
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