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  1. I have been on this ride for 7+ years and originally purchased 20 Million Dinar within one year. That was before when I had plenty of money. Now, unfortunate circumstances have left my wife and I struggling month to month. I still believe in this investment and am not selling all but I need to get some money for a new business start up. I have 25,000 notes that were purchased from Ali. $900 per million.
  2. I have used the "Contact Us" link 3 times in an effort to get my situation resolved. I have not yet received one response, much less had the problem fixed. When the site was changed, I lost the ability to sign in and YES I DO KNOW the changes of how to sign in. In my last "contact us" attempt about 2 weeks ago, I even gave my Platinum member # and the effective date which was pretty much from the moment it was offered. I have supported this website with $ for a long time and have got 0 support when needed!!! I had to re-join as a non-paid member just to be able to submit this post, so ple
  3. Go to a chiropractor. He/she will have dealt with this on an almost daily basis. If everything is clear on your tests, then it is likely a misalignment of the vertebrae in your upper cervical spine.
  4. Can I just say, "F*%# John Roberts." He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'll be donating to Mitt just because he says he wants to overturn this. Gotta trust him I guess. He's the last hope.
  5. Yes, I believe he would prefer a country that was not founded by the people who founded this country on the beliefs they had when this country was founded. I believe he doesn't love this country, the people who founded it, the Constitution that the founders wrote or the people in our millitary who died for our Freedom.
  6. Knowing history like I do, I hope old Woodrow is really really hot right now!
  7. Just makes me more secure in my decision to set up the off shore corp. in Seychelles and the bank account in Brazil. I will pay my fair share of taxes, when I decide to bring it back to the US.
  8. Anyone who will run on the "I'm going to undo everything the Communist loving Muslim did, and then go as fast as he did the opposite direction," platform.
  9. Amen. Well written. The O administration is more and more lawless every day.
  10. How do you know when Obama is lying? Answer: When he is talking. Same answer for any other deomcrap in public office. And a lot of repubs for that matter.
  11. How come when I put I have 1,000,000 IQD and I want to convert to USD, the answer is roughly $847? This is BS and anyone who actually does the conversion will see.
  12. I have told noone. Not even my wife. I know the response, so I would not put myself through the naysayers. However, I have purchased enough to gift to my brother and my wife's sister. I actually made a gift letter and had it notarized showing my gifts to them. Of course, I will not give it to them until after the RV. I did the same with my church. My parents and my wife's parents are set, so they get!
  13. Colts, Packers, Saints and Ravens.
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