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  1. The article is true in the sense that the Dinar is not yet in play. At the time that the Dinar RV's all the big banks will be accepting it. The spokesperson in the news release is the one that needs to be doing the research.
  2. Thanks Captain Wingnut. You really solidified my take on RV. You made the dull facts read like a "Stephen King" novel. I was hoping to get some clarity on this subject which is why I placed it in VIP
  3. First off, I have been invested for about 18 months and I admit that I don't have a total understanding of the nuts and bolts of the Iraq nation building thing but I have theory as to what will really trigger RV. We have just seen Iraq up oil production to the tune of billions per month. Couple that with the auctions and buying back mucho Dinar it seems as the gurus' are saying that it is about time to RV. My theory is that Iraq will not RV until they are not able to acquire vast amounts of Dinar at auction. In other words they have called in all the Dinar that they can get. That's when we see
  4. God bless those who profit from the dinar and recognise where the blessing came from. May we use this gift wisely.
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