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  1. Thank you so much for your info. Thanks for your reply and info. Thank you so much for your reply and info.
  2. I've been in retail banking for many, many years, and have been self employeed for the past 10 years. As we all know, FDIC insurance protection was raised to 250,000.00 per individual deposit account last year. The link above states FDIC insurance reverts back to the lower coverage of only $100,000.00 per deposit account on December 31, 2013. Maybe I'm just out of the 'banking loop' but I had NO Idea! Thought this tid-bit of information would be surprising to some other folks as well. ?? Blessing to all! Go RV!
  3. That figures doesn't it? Milaki will stop at nothing ! That figures doesn't it? Milaki will stop at nothing !
  4. Ali is Dinar Trade, Inc. has contact info and phone numbers.
  5. Really... what did happen to GG? (grovegal) I've hear she's a busy girl but ??? ... what the heck?
  6. Check out They have instructions on purchasing IQD ithrough an existing IRA and a link to a company they work with if you need one set up. Or if you have a broker, call him/her and ask them your questions. I think it's an excellant idea. ... doing so myself. All-In-For-RV
  7. My husband a very seasoned cpa / cfe, (certified fraud examiner) and will tell any RV client very simply, don't screw around and try to out smart the government.... just bit the bullet and pay the taxes. I hate paying taxes andI hate his approach for that matter, however he's seen it all after 40 + years in the biz. Any good tax attorney or cpa will advise you the same.
  8. I too plan to help our vets and their families, whom without their bravery, we would NOT be benifiting finanically from a free Iraq! Go USA - Go RV!
  9. None... Not one thing out of his mouth has been truth!
  10. Can anyone tell me if there is any possiblity of the dinar being re-based and not re-valued? I just read something that made my stomach hurt... Hope it's just one of those smoke screens! ??? Any imput?
  11. Holy Spirit. inspired! Beautiful! Blessing to you, P.
  12. Humm ... Interesting! I watch Fox-Friends every morning but missed Alilson's comments.OMG, hope they have heard things we haven't yet ! Go RV!
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