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  1. After watching this unfold for almost 7 years, I am of the opinion that our speculative investment, is just that. Something we speculate, and we can continue to speculate all we want, but the reality.....It happens when it happens. I have great hopes for each coming day, but I am not sure anyone, even the "gurus", the one with "sources", the people "in the know", the politicians, those with mystic powers, crystal balls, or a tic-tac-toe playing chicken know much more than the next guy. It is entertaining though, and if for no other reason than that, I am glad to ride along. I say there has bee
  2. Socialism at it's is about right Lol......perfect!
  3. once again, possum rollin' in with the news from the vioces, I hear vioces too......It's just my wife asking who the hel_ is this "POSSUM" you keep laughing at.... Keep up the good work...It may not be accurate, but it is ALWAYS possum!!!! Good times brother, good times! Keep smiling! Go dinar!
  4. Well, glad to see you putting your info out there. If people do or don't believe, that's on them. Keep positive!!!! Hope you're right. Thanks!
  5. Never a doubt.....about the dinar. Might have a few with reference to some of the "intel" though..... lol
  6. Well.....I guess that about sums it up . The proper spelling is always key.
  7. There is a series of videoson you tube called "the Obama deception" I would recomend all to view them.....For those of you who may be is not an Obama bashing....It is however an eye opener to who or what really runs the U S....Have a great day!!!!
  8. Enjoyed reading your information.....Thanks for taking the time to share...
  9. I am in central Ohio...Near Columbus. I know of several banks that have receintly stopped selling iqd.....but can someone who knows, give an updated list of those who are still selling.... thanks!
  10. This has been out before....I am not sure if this is "new" or just confirmation of the older info....
  11. So does this mean the office in the dakotas, will not open until the RV
  12. So I am still not sure what counts as a post or not....sometimes when I respond to a post it shows and others do not????
  13. more double knot super secret stuff.....hmmmmm
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