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  1. Adam, thank you for all you do...... but I have to ask you the hard question, hoping not to open any can of worms for you but, for those of us who are awaiting your text notification should the dinar RV, have you ever considered running a test to ensure you system works?
  2. I'M Speechless and yet very thankful to Adam, Mods and all for updates.......go rv
  3. Thank you so much for sharing TG
  4. Reminds me of the song from Lamb chops....this is a song that never ends, and it goes on and on again.......stop it and Give me an RV
  5. and the guessing game goes on, when it will RV nobody knows............Hang in there folks
  6. Good on you, Hope all works well, I would love to try it out or become an investor
  7. Going back to Vegas RV or Not........if it happens while I'm there, then all the reasons to party
  8. on the lighter side maybe another 2+ years, who knows could be next month? otherwise, I'll wait for Adam's Text
  9. JustNTime thanks, with mind, I'll be waiting for Adams text
  10. have fortune cookie "say great wealth comes your way soon"
  11. Carello........Awesome post, I'll have couple beers , cheers to you.......................Go RV
  12. Thanks.......the 5th it is.............Anticipation
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