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  1. I understand due to all the new people and the server crashing why the site has changed. I have replied, as Adam suggeted, to the "intro post" but I am still having problems logging on each time. Sometimes I can get on the first attempt, but other times it takes multiple tries. For example: today I was logged in on the second try, but I had stepped away and was logged out. Upon trying to log back into the chat room I tried 5 times and still have not been successful. Can someone please look into this problem? Thank you for your time.
  2. I work as a manager and I am finishing my Bachelors degree in mgmt. I live in the central Florida area and enjoy being with friends and family in my spare time. I believe in seeing the glass half full..not empty...very upbeat, outgoing girl...hoping to one day retire early.
  3. I am new to investing in currency, but I have faith I will be prosperous from this investment and walk away able to be a blessing to others!
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