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  1. Maliki is bad...Sadr is worse Can only hope the next guy will start working for the good of all.....but it doesn't sound like these politicians can get past their party lines
  2. More news that supports the simple fact Iraq is NOT ready to RV yet....and from this and others, it doesn't look like they will be ready for quite some time....we wait.
  3. There's problems in River City.....folks. this is not good news....possible corruption, Maliki out to take control, nobody working together for the good of all. Everybodywants to run the show and they are willing to kill to do it. We got problems in River City, folks. Don't look for that RV anytime soon. JMHO
  4. This is why we won't see an RV anytime soon....the GOI of Iraq has many issues to resolve before they attempt the RV. A major change in tgheir currency value will take an extreme amount of cooperation between all parties....they just aren't even close to playing nice yet. JMHO
  5. Really...DELTA....they are a reliable source????????????????? Did I miss something, fall asleep fore 10 years and now DELTS has credibility :lmao:
  6. You guys crack me up.....laughing is very good for the soul. Thank you...all
  7. Don't read's all smoke and mirrors. :lmao:
  8. It's the easiest thing I can do while I'm on I always hope I'm wrong and I'm going to discover some earth shattering change in the current situation. Bottom line is....the 6 o'clock news doesn't carry much about what's going on in Iraq, so this is as good as place to keep current. Out of all the sites...Adam's has the most level headed members IMHO.
  9. I think nobody wants to believe anything except that we'll see a significant Rv...and soon. Why does anybody bother to look at the news at all. don't want to believe what is right in front of you and this is a prime example. I'm sorry folks, but IMHO that makes you just as delusional as the Okies of the world. He sees stuff that isn't don't see what is right in front of you???? We claim we want real news and not all the made up trash from the pumpers, but when we get real nerws that runs contrary to what we want to believe...we say it's misinfo or smoke and mirrors? Look in the mirror, check the other posts, then look in the mirror again...everything I'm saying here is true and can be seen with your own eyes, it cannot be denied....oh,'s all smoke and mirrors Bash away, but I know the truth hurts And since I'm giving my 2 cents for which I'm sure I'll be accused of being a nay sayer, but here's another tidbit for you.....IMHO combined with 15 years experience in the brokerage business and the many contacts I still have in the currency markets and banking indusrty, plus an eye for the reasonable, common sense and rationale factors that always come into play in a venture of this sort.....the Iraqi dinar will NOT RV for at least another 2 years. Write it down, save it, we can talk about it in 2014 when we're still waiting
  10. The guy sounds like he has a little first hand knowledge and some supporting documents to boot.....I like it. He just might be on to something? Must investigate this SBA
  11. Frank26 :lmao: April 15th, 2012 :lmao: nuff said
  12. Ok...I get it, but..... here's just a little tidbit for thought......why bother to comment on some one's post if you want to ignore them????????
  13. Adam......why do you believe that Iraq will Rv their currency before they have resolved the numerous political issues that divide them to the point of stagnation? Because of the in fighting that they've been having since day one of this new democracy, they cannot agree on the HCL......their infrastructure has not been improved very much....foreigners are not safe to work in most of the country......Sunni's are claiming they are being treated as second class citizens by the Shiite majority......the Kurds are posturing about breaking away from the rest of the name but a few. Basically, they are experiencing all the things you would expect a new born democracy to be going through. I just am looking for your reasoning as to why you believe that they would focus on their currency value when they have so many other problems to resolve that will not be fixed (IMHO) just because they RV? I'm not saying I don't think they will RV and I do get why they eventually will....but I just don't see why you think it is so close as I believe you are still on the "now to September" train
  14. She didn't respond to you, so I take it that means she has NOT looked at it. Why would anyone want to see some facts when they can believe what they want to believe...facts just muck up the water....can't possibly see things clearly if they are given facts. They would then have to think and process the info.....much easier to listen to those that just tell them what they want to hear. :D
  15. Couldn't have summed it up any better myself...well said What evidence is don't think 16 bombs going off across the copuntry is 'evidence' that they lack security? The fact that Allawi and Sadr and Maliki are still publically accusing each other of everything from; trying to run the country as a dictator, or trying to gain control over the CBI by circumventing the constitution, or the Sunnis being treated as second class citizens at best by the Shiite majority...the Kurds are not happy with Bahgdad and the list goes on is at "least" an indication that Iraq has more than just a few problems they need to resolve? Here, I'll give you all the 'evidence you will need to decide for yourself'.....go to Iraq and see for yourself, Moon is not giving false information or trying to hand out misinformation for the CBI....they have real....serious.....deadly problems in that country that will take a heck of a lot longer to resolve than a week or a month....they will be lucky to get it together in a year.....very lucky IMHO bash away
  16. TimS


    Wow...Keep, can't believe how you're getting hammered with those negs? I got taken to the wood shed on the grounds that I was being too negative cause I wouldn't go along with all the "it's gonna RV for a buck tomorrow" guys. I didn't get anywhere close to the negs you've gotten in this thread alone....and I don't name call a or talk about butts or none of that must have angel on your shoulder? I agree with some of what you say and disagree with some, too......but at least when I disagree with posters, I try to give reasons like you do. Don't just argue for the sake of arguing....I like to back it up with some common sense and as much facts as I can given how many facts are available. Not as much as I would like. Oh well......I do agree with your thopught that the facts that we do have do not support an overnight $1 RV if there are trillions of dinar in circulation. The math just doesn't allow for it.....good luck in your battle here. I pos (+) your posts whenever I could.
  17. TimS


    Now that's funny
  18. Very good point....I agree, let's hope it does not go there?
  19. all I got to say is..... :lmao: :lmao:
  20. This is good my popcorn and soda, even some snowcaps. It's better than the old Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts 'Conspiracy Theory' movie What's the difference between this junk and the garbage Okie puts out? Forgive me for not supporting this stuff....I left my little foil hat at home. :lmao: You guys crack me up
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