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  1. Anybody have the website to Warka. The one I have says server cannot be connected. Or are they not open for business?
  2. A lot of men and women volunteered to enlist in the military at that time after 9/11 to fight those that terrorized our country. Still out there fighting to keep the fight over there and not here in our country. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!! Pray for the wounded too.
  3. Just like the bomb that was dropped by US Forces that killed all those civilians in March. The whole story is that the Iraqi Army was receiving fire from that building and targeted that building for a missile by our Air Forces. Unfortunately that's where ISIS stored their ammunitions and collapsed the building on all the civilians. ISIS used civilians as human shields and using those same buildings to fire from. Iraqi troops requested the bomb drop (precision) but the ammo inside caused more damage than expected. Read up.
  4. Thanks Adam. Crossing those fingers. Support the Troops !!
  5. Holidays in Iraq in 2017 Date Weekday Holiday Name Holiday Type Jan 1 Sunday New Year's Day National holiday Jan 6 Friday Army Day National holiday Mar 20 Monday March equinox Season Mar 21 Tuesday Nowruz Regional holiday May 1 Monday Labor Day
  6. Adam, Do you think they are waiting until Mosul is clear of ISIS and making sure Mosul banks are secured and accounted for before CBI makes RV announcement?. Accounting for currency stolen, inventory of cash, etc.
  7. Read this.....title tells it all.
  8. Have you ever thought about sending out a test TEXT message to make sure it works for all?
  9. After using my temporary password, I couldn't change my password because it wouldn't accept the temporary one to change it. So I signed off......frustrated. I tried to sign back in with my temporary, but that was a NO GO. Well, I tried using my old password, the one before it locked out and before I had to get a temporary one (numbers).........and guess accepted my OLD password to access my account. I guess the temporary lets you in and when you go back out ........use the OLD one. Now I have accessed it 4 separate times in separate days with the OLD password.
  10. Look in the VIP section Look in the VIP to get your emails.
  11. Keep us grounded Adam. No hypes and no dates. Prayers for the troops over there in harms way. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!
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