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  1. You all know that Iraq is in turmoil, right? Right? It won't happen in this lifetime. I used to wonder why people would come here and say that, but then the reality of what's actually going on in the world hit me... I'm not trying to be negative, but after more than a decade the same stories and silly rumors flood these forums and people gobble it up with it all over their mouths. I did too. Just watch the news and see the mess that's happening over there, hell, over here too. I'd gladly admit my fault if this things happens, but I'm more certain of it not than the alternative.
  2. I completely agree with everything you've said... These things I have been taught. Nice work!
  3. Kinda hard to understand where one sentence ends and another begins.
  4. Absolutely, bro... I wish knew it when this RV ride will be over..ha!
  5. Thanx.. I just want people to be saved and aware.
  6. I mean no disrespect by any means, bro, and I'm in for this RV like everyone else here... Let me take a stab at this... Understand that we're not the only ones on the field, that is to say we can't just do God's will without a defense coming agains us. We were all born with free will and the people that does the touching of kids and poverty and everything else that turns your stomach was all created by man in his own free will to do such things. There are also spiritual influences that causes these things. Clearly, you are lacking knowledge of scripture and you're scratching to make an inv
  7. This sounds really foolish of you... How sad for you that you don't know what's happening as your eyes are naturally open. I sincerely hope and ask that you reconsider your opinion for your own sake. Sad, bro... Just take a look at what some of the other posters' comments written in Scripture about the events taking place on the earth. This is no coincidence... Please reconsider and be saved. You guys that doubt God, please think about what you're saying. Trust and believe in God and escape everlasting suffering. My prayers are with you even if you bash me, but there is only so much in
  8. easyrider, I'm glad you took notice even when you tried to avoid it. I, being a Christian, would say something kicked inside of you for you to take notice against your natural ability not to. And, yes, I think this mass chaos is FAR superior than what we see with our natural eyes... Souls will be lost forever. This RV is just a pawn in the scheme of things. Stand fast bro..
  9. God has a plan and if you can't understand that, you need a revelation of what's truly going on. All you seem to see is money and not lives and souls that are being and will be lost... Open your eyes, man... The ones that don't know God are always the ones to say "God has nothing to do with this investment, blah blah blah", but not realizing every good thing comes from Him, even your return on this investment. Most people are still sleeping....smh
  10. it'll be superb if the RV happens Tuesday, but this "I got a secret" game is lame...
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