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  1. Heck, at this point in my life. 25 cents would make me happy. No rubies because the CBI doesn’t read my posts 😃
  2. Sure Davis, 000 Luny Drive Dinarland. USA 00700 😁
  3. Good info and hilarious about “the walking dead”. Maybe they won’t hurt me because I took the shots too. I was really regretting doing it until Rand Paul said he was for the vaccine. He’s a doctor and a conservative Libertarian so I felt better after finding out his thoughts on it.
  4. Do you recall the brand of freeze dryer? I have looked at them but the ones I’ve seen are pretty expensive. I invested in a dehydrator but would love a freeze dryer.
  5. Excellent point and I have discussed this with no one ,except my siblings who are doing the same thing, and here.
  6. Ammunition seems to have disappeared in the last few months. What can be found is outrageously priced. This happened without me paying attention. 🙁 I trust in the Lord as well, but He provided us wisdom and I believe He expects us to use it. 🙏
  7. I’ve concentrated lately in actual canning food in jars the old fashioned way, flour, cornmeal, sugar, dried eggs, dried milk, rice, beans, just basic necessities. If we are wrong in expecting hyper-inflation, the products can still be used.
  8. I have recently begun doing some prepping, not extremely, but staples that will make a difference in my life if all of a sudden store shelves are empty or prices become too high to be affordable. I’m very interested in other Dinarians thoughts on this subject. Thanks 😊
  9. I suspect he is merely referring to take the rate back closer to what it was before the rate was lowered a few months ago. BUT it unfortunately isn’t up to Abadi. Guess time will tell.
  10. My hopes as well Priscilla, guess if we all wind up using our newly gained wealth on a nursing home, we all need to pool some of our funds and open our own nursing home for just Dinarians. 🙄😁
  11. I bought my first Dinar on March 4, 2010 and was a nervous wreck if my check was going to get to Ali before the RV happened because I was told it was going to happen any minute. I was so glad when I knew my check arrived in time! 😁 “Any minute” has meant a decade for me but I’ve “met’ a lot of nice people on this ride. I’m just ready for the ride to be over. 🙄😊
  12. Turn in again tomorrow for “As Iraq Turns”. For you that are younger than 50-55, you most likely don’t know what I’m referring to. 😀
  13. The darn committee should have been formed to study ‘the damages” of changing the rate BEFORE they made the stupid decision. It didn’t require a genius to know what was going to happen. I know more about the Middle East now than I ever wanted to know and I hope I never have to hear of it again after we get our money. 😡😃
  14. Guess my brain is running slow this morning but don’t we need the country to be out from under the 7th resolution instead of just one bank in Iraq? Someone educate me. 🙄😊
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