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  1. Thanks this was the best information give so far. Again, thank you very much
  2. Members 228 posts LocationEast of California Posted 20 July 2013 - 07:25 PM Warka "SUCKS" and I'm transferring all my portfolio to Aljazera! They seem to care and are on top of things. Great customer service and responds to emails almost immediately... Read more: Who is Aljazera and how do I contact them
  3. Amen Hoosier, I have heard from the Holy Spirit as well. The Spirit never lie, so they will see the prophetic word come to pass. Thank you, so much for your post.
  4. It did! Do they really need to go through this to RV? Cant they just simply input the change?
  5. Can you tell me what this mean? It says that the dinar is going to be 1 dollar to 1:16 dinar. Does that mean a dollar for a dollar. Also, it says something about the cbi is unaware of it. Does that mean they need approval from the cbi to make such a decree?
  6. Where are you getting this information from? Is this a dependable source or is it a non dependable source?
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