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  1. I feel the "coming days" is reference to the release of Chapter 7 being approved by the UN. If we see the release of Chapter 7 I have a feeling the true number of IQD in circulation will be released....,this is how it has always been explained to me. However Biker is correct in that if for some reason Chap 7 sanctions remain we could be in this another year.....fingers crossed! Great post Yota +1
  2. My answer is more simplistic then everyone else's.....but if war sanctions took the value and savings of the Iraqi people then it makes sense to me, for them to get it back.
  3. Good story but it comes off like the "white hats" are somehow savors to the whole dinar RV......makes me think this story should be filed in the fiction section......
  4. Angels will not make it passed Texas....I am also a Yankee......I am predicting Yankees vs. Detroit in the ALCS with the Yankees winning in 7....
  5. Go to the beach.....salt water will flush it right out....
  6. Jmw their is a time and place for debate....why you are choosing this tread is a mysterious as the dinar itself. You come off as a **** head and you should focus your energy somewhere the debate or lop section. I hope the moderator in charge of this is as tired of your crap as I am....
  7. Transparency has been a Lopsters choice for these numbers and as I has stated many times their is a curtain of deceit over this investment and its there because of the high speculation following the dinar. I have slept good over the last year after the DFI numbers were exposed by the media at $250 billion.....and now with yotas article basically saying we are seeing a fake # of 60 billion I am as cool as I have ever been. I think the DFI is in some type of holding account at the CBI even though it has been speculated to be in NY two cents! Its less conspiracy theory and more common sense that the currency totals would remain hidden from outside country's (Iran, Kuwait) because their government would not jump on board to forgive debt as quick as they have.....and Iran and Iraq remain conspicuously close with each other through Maliki....
  8. Too true Master Yota....people can call smoke but this arrival goes along with my thinking that the small demons were printed with the "000" currency we have back when they replaced the Saddam currency...we have articals to back that up!!! And the Kurdish and Arabic language is a newer deal and will be used to replaced soiled bills in the future. IRAQ can implement the 2012 budget without having to pay for a reprinting in 2012 easing budget restrains they currently have....they will not have those same concerns in 2013.... GO RV!!!
  9. Good....because if this investment goes south I have a backup plan! Its called sue the f_ck out of every dealer I can. If they didn't operate under the government and its proven to be a fraud that makes it easier for us "class action". I on the otherhand believe in myself and the people here at DV and think regardless of "Intel" and the obvious morons who called the RV every week we do have solid indicators of an RV.....
  10. Except by Iraq's own admission they want the dinar to be a reserve currency. A lop would put the dinar back 10 years...but I'm tired of this topic and as of today it seems the news has been in our favor....
  11. Free market enterprise is the real issue with oil...we have enough oil in the US the problem is we ship it overseas because market value is higher over there...
  12. I don't buy into 20 or 30 trillion goes against common sense....all of my US military friends say USD is the currency of choice and only 6-8 trillion Saddam notes were replaced. I'm tired of the subject to be honest because with 30 trillion dinar in circulation a .10 cent RV becomes impossible IMO. Much respect to you Tim anyhow....I guess we are in a disagreement on those numbers....
  13. Thanks DinarSeeker....Another good read! When I get home I plan to read the whole report....
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