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  1. I was about half a generation out ahead of the Beatles, had four young children, and was a full time wife to an extremely demanding husband and a full time, straight A college student, so I never really felt much interest in the Beatles, which I assume labels me as . . . err . . . err . . . a "conformist"? I liked the older music, 50's type, when I could recognize a real "song," by its real words and a real singer who sang "real words." LOL Sorry all you later arrivals. I just got skipped over for the Beatle magic. . . or is that mania? lol It just never really worked for me.
  2. WOW!!! I'm breathless after watching-listening to this. Amazing performance!!
  3. Type in any address and then move to the right and see your home in snowfall. It is amazing how real it is.
  4. When Davis sent his fears/pains/heartaches to us, many of us responded. These heartfelt responses are wonderful examples of how we here at Dinarvets are all in the same boat, meaning that we are all in the same world, one that makes demands of each of us that sometimes feel bigger than we are and, thus, beyond anything we can do individually to deal with them. But when we responded to Davis, we added our prayers which allowed us to include God in our individual situations, decisions, and even in our lives. Through our responses, it became clear that we are together in Dinarvets and also in l
  5. This is my 5th year to come to Dinarvets and wish the mods, Adam and his family . . . and you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! God Bless each of you and give you a gentle, loving Christmas and a truly prosperous new year!! Fran
  6. But . . . does "implementation" automatically include an RV?
  7. It might be wise of Kimmy-boy to take his one small victory and go home, shutting his big fat mouth on the way. Americans have already had him (and his dad before him) up to the eyeballs, and it won't take much more to send us back to finish the job. Oh, but I forgot. At the moment, we still have a coward in the White House, one who doesn't mind trying to act tough just as long as he isn't expected to really be tough.
  8. I've been in this now for about 4.5 years, a relatively short time compared to some of you, but it feels like a long time to me. I used to think that every move Maliki made was significant for the RV. I used to watch and try to figure out what "they" were doing, who was doing it, and try to figure out what it meant to me. I used to believe every tiny thread of "quasi-news" I heard was not only valid, but also had some bearing on the value of the dinar. I used to be naïve and expected an RV at any moment, even in what felt to me like "the early days"--not long after we went into Iraq. F
  9. Just to add my voice to the good wishes-- Merry Christmas, everyone!! And Happy, happy everything else, too!! The RV is coming soon. We who have waited here together for the past five years, such as me, et al, know that good things are right around the corner. I, for one, cannot wait for the RV to happen. Love to you all!! And again, I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and of course, a rich new year!! Fran
  10. Does anyone know what happened to Sarge's Gals? I miss them. They were a unique and delightful addition to our group.
  11. The official Norad Santa Tracker, 2014, is up and ready to go. The kids might want to begin watching for Santa on the official tracking site.
  12. Beautiful!!! And so true!! Thanks for sharing.
  13. I would like to mess around with some numbers regarding a possible cash in rate. How do I do that? If the dinar is worth $0.0000085, as some have said, do we multiply that by some random number, and then add another unknown number? Or what? LOL I know I sound like a numskull. Sadly I have always been very good with words, but I'm the village idiot with numbers. Help!!!!
  14. LOL Laidback!! That hit my funny bone, but I agree with you!! Big time!!
  15. She is remarkable in that she lived every inch of her life to the proverbial "fullest." I wish I had known her. Sounds like all of you who have been part of her life gained by it. I will say a special prayer for this special woman. Thank you for telling us about her.
  16. I am leaving Florida to move back home in mid-Missouri on the 1st of December. My granddaughter is flying in to drive back with me because my daughters would not let me drive it alone. They are getting more and more intrusive in my life now that I am a wee bit older (78). But I allow it because they mean well. haha I say this, knowing I have no choice in the matter. They would flay me alive themselves before they would turn me loose on a long car trip alone. :::sigh::: That all said, I hope the RV hits the day after I get there. My daughters are in collusion, and they have rented a hous
  17. I read that Obama sent a message to Ferguson a couple days ago encouraging the black citizens there to "stay the course." According to Rules for Radicals, when the verdict comes in tonight, it will be a perfect storm, the time for Obama to push the button to give 5 million illegal people the right to stay in America, to use our medical system, to take our jobs, to take handouts from our government, and to use our educational systems. While all eyes are on Ferguson, Obama will use this Obama-caused disaster as a cover to try to deflect attention from his illegal action of giving all these ill
  18. Pumpers have a hidden agenda, to get you to buy more dinar by causing you to think the RV is going to happen tonight, or has already happened on the Big Board, or on the electric signs splattered around Baghdad, or on the proverbial "bank screens." I have been in a number of banks in my lifetime, and as yet, I have never seen a bank screen. haha They do this because, when you buy more dinar, they get a kickback on the sale. They lie, they cheat, they basically steal from you and all who listen to them. I will always remember Okie convincing some people to quit their jobs because the RV was,
  19. LOL Me, too, Davis411. Oh, me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  20. Well, I, for one, am very glad you are still hanging out with us, RedTailedHawk!!! You add a bit of charisma to the site, and to our lives. And thanks to Adam who adds charisma and intelligence . . . and hope . . . and news . . . and a charming sense of humor!! Whew!! Did I get it all said??? LOL
  21. We may have to buy the wine and beer over there. I have never tried to take any into a foreign country, but I think I read that they frown on trying to import bottles without paying their duties on them. Am I wrong? If so I would like to bring my share, but I don't want to buy it and then just have to hand it over to a customs inspector. haha
  22. Thank you, Umbertino!! I have appreciated your friendship from the day I first came to Dinarvets. And I still appreciate it.
  23. I also lost everything within a short time. The man I loved passed away. I only had him a brief two years, and it was the first time in my entire life when I felt truly loved. I just could not understand why he couldn't have stayed with me longer. But then, suddenly, my job disappeared. I had to sell my house, although I bought another one in another town near my daughter. But then the bottom fell out of my 401K, so I had to sell my new house (which I loved) and move in with my daughter and her family. And then I was told that I had cancer. It turns out that what I have is so extremely rar
  24. This makes me sick. Americans want to know what is going on, and we want to agree to it before such a huge change is even considered. We are still, as of today, free people, and our forebears set up our system so that we would always know what is being done in our names and/or to ourselves and our posterity. I do not trust Obama to care about my future, nor the futures of my children and grandchildren. He has not earned my trust, and even if he had, I would still want much more information before agreeing to something that, on the surface, appears so shady. Furthermore, look at what he
  25. Does anyone know what happened to Sarge's Gals? I miss them. They added a special charm to the site, and it just isn't the same without them.
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