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  1. Looks like he's saying, "I can't believe you put this thing on me!! Now, I'll sit right here until you get it off!!"
  2. Why? I am truly curious if I need to let my excitement and dreams get ahead of me. So thanks for explaining this date. btw, I'll go back through Adam's comments and see if I missed anything there. I wouldnt be so energetic about knowing this except that I am at a point in my life where I truly need the money, big time. As all of us do, I'll get by without it if we have to wait longer, but also like all of us, it would sure make my life easier if I had that money now. lol Ok, forget that. I just went back to Adam's post and found the reason, the end of Ramadan. Cool!! Nice to know there is
  3. Posted on June 12, 2015 This scathing open letter, which was posted on Charlie Daniels’ own website, expresses the sentiments that most freedom loving Americans have towards Obama. Dear Mr. President, This letter is not written in a spirit of hate, disrespect, nor is it motivated in any way by racial bias and is written with respect due the office and the awesome tasks that have been laid on your shoulders. I write this letter because I am a tax paying American citizen who has experienced the American Dream and wants his children and grandchildren to have the same advantages and opportu
  4. This is a difficult situation, even today. For example, I have some black friends, and even today, we get some odd looks when we are shopping together or eating together in a restaurant. We simply ignore the looks, and certainly it has changed quite a bit over the years, since the "looks" have become fewer and fewer.
  5. George Zimmerman should stay in at night sometimes. It might keep him out of the news a bit.
  6. No one is new here long. Enjoy it while it lasts. lol And a very big welcome aboard. Some great people here will become your friends quickly. That's just how DV works. Glad you are here.
  7. Extremely well said!! I am in total agreement!! I get so tired of reading her tacky comments condemning our magnificent country, and that includes the rest of us whom she also doesn't respect any more than she respects our country, itself. I am tired of paying for her enormously expensive, luxury vacations, daily spa treatments, and a huge number of servants and staff she enjoys constantly while she is given the total focus and concern of all of them. And for her to have all of these extreme blessings, far more than most Americans will have in their entire lifetimes, and to still whine about
  8. What else is there? "A wife, a child, a dog, a cat, a friend or two worth the name" are also the gifts of life, according to the poet.
  9. It's easy to get this confused with real life. I had a real life before I found out about diner, Adam, or Dinarvets. It wasn't much of one, but it was my life, and I valued it, always believing it would improve. Well, I bought dinar, and sure enough, my life improved by having this site to come to and to make friends, an extremely important part of what I needed as a person. And so it went. And then, I eventually realized that I was leaning too hard on this site to live my life, which was somehow slipping by without me. So I reconnected with my friends, and to make the shift back into reality
  10. Wow!! I'm glad my kids are all grown. It would be hard to raise kids in today's world. You sure have to be mindful of what they are doing. They can destroy their lives far too easily these days. Lots of wisdom in your comments, easy.
  11. It's amazing that these people are denied regular benefits from their wounds received on a military base. How can Obama do that? These people are still fighting for all of us, and they were shot by an enemy, which should be enough. I vote that we stop giving money to some of our real enemies, those Kerry has been trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with in Iran, for example, and give our own wounded warriors what they deserve.
  12. Then Happy Birthday in advance!! I hope you are newly wealthy for your birthday, and I like your arithmetic. lol
  13. I'd settle for $3 on the Iraqi dinars. Now, wouldn't that be something big and real??!!!
  14. ronscarpa, no doubt you are a serious Christian, and I appreciate your list of things to do to be joyful. But . . . it sounds like a lot of work to me. Can't I just be happy, laugh off anything that isn't just plain downright miserable (like arithmetic or the loss of a loved one), enjoy being around others, always listen to them and treat them respectfully, share my happy heart with them, and pray whenever I feel like thanking God or talking to Him about my life, the lives of those I love, or whatever is happening out there in an often cold-seeming world?
  15. This is the most excited I have dared let myself feel over the dinar/RV, or actually over anything for many years. My tummy is roiling with excitement and I keep pulling in huge gulps of air. lol I'm like many of you who say you really need this money. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I bought my dinar, but also that I joined Adam and his team when I did, just before the last of my money from the sale of my house was gone. There was just something about Adam's site, his team, his plan, and about Adam, himself, that made me trust him, and in all that time, my trust hasn't
  16. "we went to see you eat them, too." No we don't!!! I can guarantee I don't want to see Adam eat his shorts. Ugh!! LOL Sheesh!!!
  17. I have no clue. But do you know about this guy?
  18. In Ferguson, MO, someone planted a little tree and put a stone next to it dedicating the tree to Michael Brown. The very next day, when they went back there, the tree was chopped down and the memorial stone was missing.
  19. If, indeed, they are even doing this. Consider the source.
  20. Sandfly, I am grateful for what you do every day. I think of you specifically sometimes as I safely go about my comfortable little life in one of the safest places on Earth, the middle of the United States of America. I pray every day, for you especially, because I feel like you are part of my extended DV family. But I also pray for our other troops who are in dangerous parts of the world doing difficult work of keeping us all safe, and also for the troops who are in danger even here in America due to faulty policies of our government. Please take care of yourself and be safe, and then come
  21. I am just sick at the crap being dumped on us by this crazy. He isn't sane . . . surely to God, he isn't sane. Not and do such ugly, awful, tradition-altering things as this, and to do it to little kids who have been told they will see the Easter Bunny. There's just something vile and rotten in the White House these days. Even Michee can't silly-grin her way through this one. .
  22. They make me sick. It's hard to believe there are such absolutely and often deliberately dumb people out there. Don't they DO anything at all with their minds? I would go nuts if I couldn't purposefully "think," meaning I put an idea I want to understand better into my mind and focus on it, looking at it from all sides that I can discern, spend some time mulling it around, and if I need to, I go get more information about it, so I can either understand it or do something about it. But even the smallest of geographical questions, like "where is the other side of the street?" would have thrown t
  23. I agree, but some days it feels like the whole world is self-imploding.
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