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  1. It is wonderful to see you here again, my old friend. (Old? About 7 years, so I guess that's old enough. lol)
  2. Hey, everyone!! It's been a while, and I'm sorry about that. I was sick for a while, but I think I'm getting better. At last. Finally. Etc., etc., etc. It's good to see so many old friends here. I have a long list of those I don't see that I want to ask about soon. Blessings to all of you!! Francie26
  3. In the future, I will make a conscious effort to remember those people when I say my prayers each day. If enough of us do this, God can't help but hear our collective voices resounding through Heaven. At least it brings me comfort to think so.
  4. Just heard on Fox News that the "fight for Mosul rages on." Those poor people. It's been such a long time for them to live in a war zone. When I think of how hard this wait is for me, I remember those moms and dads who never know if their little ones will still be with them by bedtime. I hope the change in the dinar value will breathe new life into their poor existences. I have no idea if it will or not, but I sure hope it can and does. It just seems so sad that some people are caught in such a life. They are like us. They have families and want the best for them, but are caught in a quagm
  5. Received both. Thanks much. Francie26 (Frances Barrack)
  6. Hey, Shabs!! Remember when we used to come here and hang out with . . . hmmmm . . . (My "Old" is showing). I can't remember our friend's name, the one in Italy. But the three of us used to talk about what we were going to do "someday" when this investment "came in." Have you heard from him? Is he ok? The two of you were some of my very favorite people back then. And for that matter, you still are. LOL
  7. Not to talk "politics," but I keep seeing comments being made about Anthony Weiner. He was/is married to one of Hillarious's closest aides, Huma "Abaden"? Sp? James Comey is going nuts. He's the head of the FBI, and he opened the FBI case back up so that Hillarious is still in trouble.
  8. I have not waited nearly as long as some of you, but I am getting impatient. lol I may stomp my feet and yell a while. Does anyone know if that works? I know many of you have been here for much longer than I have. (I began coming here in July of 2010). But I am soooo impatient these days.
  9. Hey, Snowglobe!! It's always good to see you. Sorry I've been gone so long. Health issues, computer issues, moving twice, and serious frustration are my excuses. But I'm back and ready to take on the next round of waiting. LOL
  10. I'm sorry I don't automatically know this, but who was SWFG? I suspect I'll hit my forehead and say, "Oh, sure. I should have known." But right now is no time to hit my forehead, but to ask. So thanks to whomever answers. Fran
  11. And by the way, I am not a newbie. I have been here since 2010, but my computer crashed, and it's taken me all this time to get back into the channel. I am not Francie2636, just Francie26. But I've pushed the edge of that blue envelope too many times for now. So I'll just leave it as it is and someday, I'll get busy again and hopefully get it fixed.
  12. My grown kids will wonder, at least at first, where "Mom" got all her sudden wealth. LOL I tried telling one of them once, and she looked at me like I was the world's worst fool, so I never mentioned it again. lol I'm sure she thinks now that I was surely just telling her that nonsense, that I made it up, and surely didn't mean that I had actually bought some flaky foreign money, especially from the middle east. Good grief, what's Mom thinking now??? I can just hear them. LOL But you know what?? I have been terribly broke several times in the intervening years, and never once did I actually
  13. Adam, we don't care about your cord. Just take care of yourself and get home safely. We can do without your cord, but we can't get along very well without YOU. w
  14. Hey, Snowglobe!! I'm back! LOL It's good to see you.
  15. I felt like a gate crasher trying to find my way around this new site. But given time, I'll pick it up like the rest of you.
  16. I have been missing in action for a while. Computer crash, etc., yadda, yadda, yadda, etc. lo Want me to keep going? Anyway, it's good to be back even though Adam is missing.
  17. Oh, no!! She's ba-a-a-ack!!! lol I've been trying for a long time to get back. Just decided this time it was now or never, so I made it now. Hey, everyone!! Good to see you!! Francie26
  18. Well, I guess this beats being called "Oldbie." LOL You seem not to remember me, and that's alright, but I was here daily for several years, beginning in 2010. I have been away far too long if I am so easily forgotten. lol
  19. I'm here, and it was heart-warming to hear that I was liked by so many people. I have had some health issues, but I think they are mostly behind me now. So you'll all be seeing me more again. I love all you guys, too. And it is exciting to come back and find so much excitement going on about some changes in Iraq. They sound extremely hopeful. Can someone send me the email at Adam's office to get signed back in with this new computer program. I used to use Windows, but my tech put another one on my computer, so now I'm using it. Trying to recall the name of it. But this means I am sooooo l
  20. I read this report that Wounded Warriors has changed management and is now treating their management better than it treats the warriors. Though you might want to check into it. Fran
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