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  1. I still have the 5 million dinar for sale.I had a few possible offers that fell thru.I could possibly break them up in smaller amounts at $1000.00 per million.
  2. Are you not capable of picking one team. Go Pats.
  3. I still have the 5 million iqd for sale.I stand firm on the asking price of $4800.00 for the two bundles of 25,000 notes uncirculated. I can be reached at
  4. It is funny you would make that statement, while vacationing just last month that is all people would ask me about when they found out I was an American.People from other countries asking are you americans going to get it right this time on who you put in office,It effects other countries more than you can imagine.they seem to know more about our goverment officials than most US citizens.I was amazed, there was one taxi driver that had to plug in his ipod in his stereo for us to hear an island song about Obama (very funny)for the most part they can not stand the man. I did not vote for the man and he will not get my vote this time either.
  5. My bad I should had it stated 5 million Iqd for sale.I wish I had 5 million notes
  6. I have 2 bundles of 100 25000 notes uncirculated that I had purchased from dinar trade. I would prefer to sell them in one lot. I'm asking $4800.00.I live in the Dallas Texas area and would prefer selling to some one local.
  7. Keepm what is happening.Still at it. As the Dinar turns.Alot has been happening since I last got on the forums. Gave it a break for awhile and seems like we are still waiting. The one thing for sure about this investment is that I have learned alot more than I care to about Iraq.LOL Keep it real Bro.
  8. aj is the type of person who would argue with a stop sign. I agree with the post above, I have only seen him post on Obama topics. Just like the late Ronald Reagen said and I quote It's not that the Liberals aren't smart, it's just that so much of what they know is not so.
  9. Great post. One of the best post that I have read. Thanks Sonny for your reply as well. I quess I can wait a few more weeks.
  10. Well it looks like he has been a member here for quite awhile longer than yourself.Thanks for sharing MRB..
  11. No that is taking care of business.Something you or him know nothing about. Go put your head back in the sand will call you when it RV's..
  12. Djgabrielie, thanks for bringing his call over for us all to see.. First post in along time to much drama going on for me.
  13. I agree about the statement about it stating nowhere that they must come out at least 1 usd , however they are not going to let them become a member with their currency at its current rate and have a trading advantage not going to happen and last time I checked Vietnam does not have the oil Iraq has.What does Vietnam have for trade Rice.that is like comparing Gold to silver..
  14. Mike 03258 or whatever you call yourself, Do you really think anybody cares about your portfolio,you are no better than all those gurus that come out and say that the rv is going to happen tomorrow.Oh yes I'm sure everybody is going to buy your line of bull (for lack of a better word).Go some where else and try selling I'm not buying any of it. By the way I'm not going to come on some forum and spill out my holdings.I don't know you and you don't know me.If what you say is true then I'm happy for you, but one word of advice I wouldn't be letting everybody know about it. That advice is FREE...
  15. Doesn't matter wether the banks or opened or closed on Monday the FED is closed..
  16. I would assume that is from being at war for so many years( Bombing Mainly)
  17. Thanks Doc Allways glad to see your post..
  18. Welcome, you don't have to agree with everything that is being posted, just be respectfull in any of your debates. Keep your feet planted and DO NOT get on that Roller Coaster.
  19. Thanks Ron for the post. You can allways count on Scooter to bring solid information to the table..Thanks for keeping it real.
  20. Welcome and Thanks for sharing... I'll give this thread one hour before it is locked like many others have been today.
  21. Maynard very well put , I totally agree with you on getting into the RV no WTO...
  22. I was thinking the same thing(being a mod) No foul claim from me if he is chosen the winner.Adam should not hold that against him. Thanks to all of you mods for what you do keeping this site sane as possible.
  23. My vote goes to you for the free VIP membership. Job well done and if you are already VIP then you can just give it to me.. Great Post EagleEye..
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