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  1. Just a real quick comment, you stated that the currency IS "Tradeable" . Where do you get that from?? That is the whole problem to begin with. The United Nations has not completely lifted the sanctions. It is not used as a global currency at least NOT YET! AS soon as the United Nations lifts the Chpt 7 fully then as we see the Dinar on the world market will the Dinar be Tradeable. I have been in this since Last Feb and have complete faith that this is looking better and better. It may still take time but hang in there. This currency is too low for what this country holds in their land. Best wishes and enjoy the train ride!!! It is fun to learn about international currencies.
  2. Hi Keep, I really respect all that you said. I have been in this for almost a year and trying to follow the real news sources. I would love this to be soon, but I still think there is more work but this year should be it!!!! Thanks for your encouragement.
  3. This is awesome! I have a friend who is almost homeless I need this so I can help him get on his feet.
  4. My mom sent this out when my dad died Dec 15th 7 yrs ago. Still a beautiful poem.
  5. Hi I just saw that you where from Windsor, I am from Fort Collins wondering if you are interested in exchanging emails. I have been following since Feb 2010. Thanks Meta
  6. This is so fantastic!!!! Now let's see the currency become tradeable or is that part of the RV?
  7. Great job with your post! Thanks for so much history, it helps to really learn about the big picture. Thanks!!!
  8. Dear Lucky man: I have to admit my family would feel truly blessed if you would only send a small portion our way. My husband who has a BS degree has a minimum wage job. He use to own his own business til it was hit by a flood then a car accident. He has tried everything from mortgage to call centers and insurance. He has Epilepsy which limits his driving capabilities. We are hoping to start a rental agency so we can stop getting help from others but start helping others instead. We have friends that have no car and medical bills that we want to help. Our son is Autistic and we are wanting to help the Autism society with funds to get a office so they can help more families. Our Church works with a children's home that is a awesome way to help the children. These are all things that we want to do with our RV money. WE took the Dave Ramsey Financial peace university class and are hoping to use this money to get on our feet and help others. As we have been helped so much by our church and family we just want to give back. If you feel we are a good match for you, then Thank you! We have $750,000 I would be happy with just $250,000. Thank you for your willingness to listen. MVS,
  9. Here is the yahoo link about the same story!! so excited!! This backs up the other story!
  10. I bought from them in July and I did wire transfer I still received it in 2 days, with out a problem. They where cheaper as well.250,000 for $249 and Dinar Trade was $270. I have done both. They both have done good by me. Good luck.
  11. I have bought from them as well in July and I received my dinars in 2 days and they all have passed secure features. I am happy to say everything looks good so far. I have also bought from Dinar trade and everything went well there too. Just find what is best for you. I tried COD which saved me a $20 fee at the bank, because the wire fee is $20 at my bank and a cashiers check was only $5. Just a thought.
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