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  1. I'm selling 10 mil. IQD. Mostly Uncirculated large bills. $875/mil.
  2. WOW I'm glad I didn't get into Iraqi stocks. I didn't see one decent chart. Everything is headed south!
  3. It's only the gubberment can lie and cheat, and defraud people and get away with it. Perhaps they're jealous they didn't think of it.
  4. All of this sounds like a episode of 24! Maybe that's where they got their ideas from......... hmmmmmmmmmmm, makes ya think.
  5. It,like Oslummer care, didn't work for me. I got through the first question . Which, BTW works better than the 0care site.
  6. After the commies have killed everyone in the (once) Great U.S of A.
  7. How many of us are one treatment away from bankruptcy for having cancer or a blood disease, etc. We all are aware of someone who is in this situation, or may be in the future. What if your daughter had a child with a serious disease. Could mom pay for the treatments? If so, for how long. My point is, we could be in this situation, any time. But then again, we are all covered under o'bummer health care. WOOPS, you can't afford the premiums? Now what????? They'll get their money first. Before any treatments will be completed. I know of a man that has throat cancer. His first round of chemo was $4500.00. Before his second and subsequent treatments, the hospital wanted the money in advance,$4000.00 each. Now he has been through weeks of chemo. I haven't seen him lately, I pray he is getting the care he needs. I pray for him and I ask you do also. He has spoken of suicide, and if I were in his shoes, it would be his point of view. I've have chronic back pain, They equipped me with an implanted pain pump that goes to my spinal cord. It helps but isn't the cure. There isn't one! So, for the rest of my life, I will be in pain 24/7 365. There isn't a day that goes by, I don't think of taking a handful of pills, and just go to sleep, forever. I cannot imagine being homeless, or not being able to care for myself. Let's all pray for the homeless and the downtrodden. After all, any one of us might be in the same place they are. Count your blessings daily.
  8. And how many millions of dollars will that little plane trip cost the taxpayers? Won't a phone call do the same thing? I would think so. I just think he loves all that pomp and circumstance.
  9. If they're pumping 3.3Mbpd, at $90/bbl, that's $297,000,000 PER DAY! I think they can support a 1:1 RV. JMO
  10. O'Slummer wants us to HURT! In order to get his way, he's shut down things that HURT people, the same people that voted for him. ( No, I wasn't one of them). Why would he shut down an open memorial. If that's not HURT, what is? Everyone knows he will do anything to bring this Christian nation down to his level. His level is the stone age like he grew up in. Meanwhile he is lining his pockets with corporate "gifts". The same money we pay for groceries, clothes and the like. JMO
  11. CNBC stated if the shutdown continues, Veterans will not receive their benefits. They didn't state how long or when. Folks, that's 3.8 million Vets, like me, who will not receive their disability checks. If they want to start another recession, this is the ticket! POTUS will not negotiate!
  12. ROFLMAO, tou're too funny machine. BTW< you have wayyyyy too much time on your hands!!!!!
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